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Legal Loopholes In Credit Card Debt, Do They Exist?

Credit card debt loopholes, do they really exist?

This article is based on my experience of the credit industry in the UK. It may or may not be relevant to those living outside the UK that should make entertaining reading all the same.

There is much talk of loopholes in the Consumer Credit Act which allegedly allows a person to get out of paying their credit card debt without paying. Many companies have sprung up offering, for a fee, to analyse your credit card agreements and where appropriate applied to have your debt quashed.

Since many of these companies charge upfront fee it makes no difference to them whether or not they are successful. The question is, is it true that a person can get out of debt without paying?

The answer is yes.

I write from personal experience, a long time ago prior to the Internet revolution huge, well-known finance companies, made a very risky decision in that they chose not to comply with the specific terms of the consumer credit act. They did this because they thought the legal jargon that was required to be added to for example, a credit card application form, would scare people off.

What they didn’t realise was, with the advent of the Internet, the sharing of knowledge, would bring about a revolution. Today thousands of people are successfully challenging the legality of their credit card and other unsecured debt agreements.

This is because many of the agreements and lack essential legal terms and the consumer credit act specifically states that no judge is allowed to find in favour of the creditor should the case come to court.

If you have ever received a small slip of paper tucked into your newspaper telling you to sign here for a credit card or loan, you will know the type of inadmissible consumer credit agreement I am talking about.

The reason consumer credit agreements need to contain specific information is because they are an important legally binding document and the person signing it needs to be made aware of their contractual obligations.

I personally was in debt by more than £50,000 and by sending a series of letters and challenging debt collectors, solicitors, finance and credit card companies I was able to bring about a situation whereby for almost 2 years now I’ve not made a single payment not received a single letter, no court summons, no solicitors letters, no contact from debt collectors and no phone calls. The method used is completely legal and it is also possible to maintain a clean credit record in many cases.

The laws I called upon included the Consumer Credit Act the Protection from Harassment Act, the Fraud Act and the Limitations Act amongst others.

I can assure you that it is entirely possible to get out of debt without paying in a huge number of cases, especially if you’re agreements dated prior to 2007.

For more information on this subject search any major search engine for the term ‘credit card debt loopholes’

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