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A Brief Guide To Family Law

February 21, 2014   Law

Family issue is probably the biggest reason of emotional breakdown. No other reason can stir human soul as

strongly as a family problem can do. When a marriage takes place or a new child member joins your family the world

seems perfect and everything seems to be in its position. But it may not be an ever lasting happiness that you


As soon as your family members express their disappointment or disagreement over something the situation soon

becomes bad and it turns worse if the problem is not mutually settled. In most cases the issue is not solved

without the interference of an objective third party that is a family law attorney. If you are confused whether you

should hire a family lawyer it is probably because you dont have a clear idea about the areas covered by family

law. Go through this article to get an idea about family law.

Family law covers multiple areas that cover domestic relationship which may include several issues from marriage

to divorce, surrogacy, adoption, child abuse, domestic violence etc. A family law attorney can help you with all

these issues. Many people are ignorant of the fact that such issues can be solved by seeking legal help. If you

live in Maryland the law protects you against all kinds of domestic violence. A Maryland family law attorney can

help you to deal with the legal issues.

Given below are some areas covered by family law.

Divorce: Many a couple tie knots they can hardly think of divorce but the unpleasant reality is that nearly 50%

marriages in United States end in divorce. Since marriage is a legal contract between the bride and groom if they

decide to end that contract they need to take legal action to accomplish their goal. In Maryland there are two ways

of dissolving a marriage such as annulment and divorce. In an annulment it is declared that the marriage never took

place. In case of divorce the termination of a marriage contract is declared.

Adoption: If you wish to adopt a child you need to follow some legal procedure. Adopting a child means you need

to take all the responsibilities staring from feeding the child to its education. You need to prove in the court

that you are eligible to take up the responsibilities and you are adopting the child with good intentions.

Child Abuse: Do you feel any of your family members is treating your child badly. May be your husband is your

childs step father and he is torturing your child. In such case you can take legal action against your


Domestic Violence: Domestic abuse can include various situations such as physical torture, sexual abuse,

emotional blackmail etc. If you are experiencing any of such issues you can hire a Maryland family law attorney to handle your case.

Family law also has some subdivisions such as law devoted to same sex partners, unmarried couples and so on.

When you find to deal with any issue yourself take professional help to sort it out.