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A 4-step Communication Process That Can Explode Your Home-based Business

February 25, 2014   Others

If you are currently struggling with a home-based business in Network Marketing, it probably has something to do with the fact that you have been spending lots of money on techniques that aren’t working. Everyone is always attracted to the latest fad that seems to be “exploding” everyone’s business, but when you try it for yourself, all you have to show for it is a lot of wasted time and money.

The reason this happens is because most companies out there only promote things that generate company sales rather than teaching distributors how to really market properly. If they did, there wouldn’t be such a large drop-out rate in the industry. After all, it is called Network “Marketing,” not Network Distributing.

Contrary to popular belief, the techniques that need to be mastered to put a home-based business into action have nothing to do spending lots of money and playing numbers games for the benefit of the company one represents. It has to do with knowing your audience enough to properly communicate with them.

The first step in the communication process is seeing every person you communicate with as your equal. You can’t be in the business of network marketing if you think you are better than everyone else. Money comes and goes, but it doesn’t make a person more valuable. Reaching out to people and helping them does.

We all have the same needs, wants and desires. Your target audience consists of those who have a want, need or desire to benefit from what you have offer. The better you know these people, the better you will be at communicating with them. Contrary to what is commonly taught in Network Marketing, not everyone wants or needs your product or service.

Never speak down to people, and never think that their problems are too small for you to want to deal with. You cannot succeed in Network Marketing without the help of other people, so treat everyone the way you like to be treated. No one wants to work with someone who constantly thinks they are the cat’s meow.

The second step is to speak in a clear, calm and relaxed fashion. You may have to challenge yourself on this one. You might think you are doing fine, but in reality you might be talking too fast or slow. Many times when we grasp concepts that we’ve heard over and over, we automatically assume other people know the same things. Assume that they don’t.

Start by reading your scripts into a tape recorder and playing it back to yourself. Get your pace and conviction down to where you think it is perfect, then practice it on a buddy before tapping into your list of potential prospects. Often times the best advice comes from someone who is standing on the sideline with an unbiased opinion. This is the process of starting to build a skill set.

The third step is to allow for check points during your script. Confirming receipt of transmissions of your message is a great indicator of how well you audience is listening. If all you do is talk and talk, you’ll put your prospect to sleep. You can say all that you want to say but it doesn’t mean they are really getting everything.

Ask simple questions like Can you grab a pen? and allow them to do so. Make them participate in the discussion to keep their interest and make them feel useful. You want to be in charge of the conversation without dominating it. This is a possible prospect of someone you could be working with. Allow the to get involved right from the start.

The fourth and final step is to allow for feedback in full. Listening to objections and concerns is how you help your prospect solve their problems. Feedback is also very valuable when you are practicing your script with a buddy. It gives you a course of action for changing and improving your skill set.

When you let people speak their mind and voice their opinions, it makes them feel valuable. The more valuable they feel, the more they will lean toward joining you in your business or becoming a customer. Just remember you are the leader, so you always want to control the conversation in a positive way.

Mastering the art of communication is one of many critical techniques one must grasp in order to succeed in Network Marketing. Success will not come from a fancy website or expensive leads, and this is especially true if you can’t communicate properly.