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Are You Looking For A Landlord Tenant Law Firm In Seattle

Although there are a number of different firms available when it comes to finding a Seattle landlord tenant law firm, finding the best law firm from a range of landlord tenant Seattle law firms is really essential to get the best results. Prior to selecting a law firm, you should consider determining your own specific needs. For instance, you should ask yourself, what are your expectations from your attorney and what do you want your lawyer to do for you? There are many law firms available today in Seattle, but not all of them may fit your specific needs. Since all law firms claim to provide the best services, it has really become very difficult for people to find the best among them. You should consider finding a reliable law firm that specifically deals with cases like yours. For example, if you are having a dispute with your tenant or landlord then you must consider getting help from an experienced real estate attorney with expertise in this field.

A person should specifically search for a real estate professional for their disputes with their landlord or tenant. You need to choose a lawyer who has experience in dealing with landlord-tenant issues. Prior to selecting any specific firm, you must ask for the fees of the law firm and compare it with other firms offering the services you are looking for. You should choose the firm that is offering the most effective services and that has the most reasonable prices. You will find a great number a law firms today but you need to find the best firm that can offer you the best results for your specific landlord or tenant issue. You should choose a company that can save you from legal hurdles effectively.

There are many ways in finding a law firm that fits your specific needs. You can start by searching on the Internet. There is no doubt that the Internet can help you find the best firm from a range of options. There are many landlord tenant laws seattle firms available over web. You can easily find and choose a firm that is suitable for your specific case. Many law firms have websites and materials online and this makes it easy for people to find the best for themselves. Make a list of the law firms and research more about them over the web to make a wise decision regarding the right law firm for your specific need.

Choose The Best Attorney Of Family Law In Chicago And Get For Yourself The Perfect Guidance

Problems arise in family one way or the other and the one main problem that leads to the rest is the lack of unity among the life partners. When partners of life cannot find it easy to live together, there arise cases of divorce and later on, problems like child custody and lots of other problems line up one after the other. To guide you in such matters like divorce or similar other family issues, it would be better if you hire an Attorney of family law in Chicago. When you choose the best attorney for your case, you will be assured of getting the right advice and the right guidance regarding each step to be made.

The decision fighting a major issue in your family is not an easy task. Similarly, choosing a family lawyer who can help you in the whole process is also not a pretty easy task. Since there are a number of attorneys in Chicago, you would rarely find someone who will be able to represent you the proper manner and understand your problems to the core. Hence finding the perfect Chicago family lawyer can be considered as the first major move you are supposed to make when facing such issues.

While hiring an attorney for your case, you must first of all check whether the attorney or the particular firm has a good reputation and relevant experience in the field and whether the cases handled by them were in favor of their clients or not. Make sure you hire one after checking out all of these relevant factors and proceed only if you are satisfied. A family attorney also needs to be patient enough to listen to your problems and the reasons for getting the help of the law.

Hiring a family lawyer can help you a lot since he/she will be experienced in the field and will have a better knowledge of the family law in Chicago than a common man. It can also be seen that hiring the right person can get you out of the many troubles you will be facing during the whole process.

Family law deals with the relationships in family, issues in family, adoption procedures, custody of child after divorce, rights of children, spousal support, divorce, division of property, agreements for separation, agreements on marriage and other major issues relating to the family.

If you are about to hire an attorney for a divorce case, it would be wise if you choose one who has good experience in fighting divorce cases that choosing an attorney who fights general cases. Moreover, it is ones right to know whether the attorney chosen has the talents to fight your case with expertise. Hence, it would be wise if you research well before hiring an attorney of family law in Chicago. Get quality service from a family attorney and get the right assistance and guidance throughout the whole procedure without any trouble.

Combat Crime With The Help Of Law Enforcement Training Online

When people hear about the availability of law enforcement training online, the most common reaction is one of shock and disbelief. In our minds, law enforcement is synonymous with police, and thus with firearms. And of course, learning how to properly care for and use a weapon is not something that can be taught online, even with all the visual aids available nowadays. But law enforcement does not always mean patrolling the streets or catching criminals. There are many different kinds of crime, and the methods of combating of some of those crimes can be taught through books. Or, in this case, through the Internet.

The term “computer crime” refers to a crime where a computer is considered the tool, target or place where the crime is committed. When a computer crime occurs, the case is not handed to patrolmen or detectives, but instead to members who are trained to respond and stop the offenders in situations like these. It is not uncommon for these professionals to have undergone law enforcement training online. After all, what better way to stop a hacker than to learn how he operates?

Training for this branch of law enforcement requires not only intricate knowledge of computer systems and how to use them, but also some practice with programming languages. The fastest way to learn something is to find your way up against it, and that is exactly what happens. Teachers put their students to the test and an online battle is fought during classes: who can hack faster than the other? It is difficult, stressful, and it can not be taught out of books.

Of course, computer crime is not concerned with hackers alone. The branch includes fraud, theft, blackmail, forgery and embezzlement and many more, as long as a computer is used at some time during the crime. Police departments often work hand in hand on cases such as the ones mentioned above; the division concerned with cyber crimes will focus on tracking them down through the computer, while others will look for answers in the real world.

Cases are solved faster this way, and the mistakes made during the process are less. In the end though, it doesn’t really matter if you got your basic education on law enforcement from your local training school or from law enforcement training online; your performance will be what distinguishes you as an officer of the law.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Your virtual help desk that can satisfy customer queries instantly

The word Artificial intelligence chatbot has been around for some time but is gaining recognition and popularity very recently. It is actually an advanced automated chat system that has a knowledge of almost thousands words or even more and integrates memories as well as emotions. It even has in built sentence structure capacity. Now, how does it help consumers or businesses? Most online customers are very impatient and always seem to be in a hurry while putting forward their queries or demands to organizations and online businesses. It has been observed that most of the time they need immediate answers from the online support system and in fact prefer getting it within a day or sometimes even within a few hours.

The artificial intelligence chatbot has a virtual help desk that helps the concerned company to provide answers immediately; that too 24X7. Customers can chat with this system anytime and from any location of the world and get instant replies. No need to wait for a live support person to answer because at times human beings do need a break; might be very busy and customers have to stay on hold or might not have immediate answers to a particular question. However, there is no such thing with the computer generated automated chat system. No matter what type of business you have and whether your company is providing services or product; an automated chat will help turn almost all your visitors into future customers very quickly because of the prompt response. These are actually virtual help desks that smart and intelligent enough to find out the likings of consumers and help them navigate and find the right product or services, answer their queries is the best possible way and meet their urgent requirements.

An artificial intelligence chatbot has helped numerous organizations to get more business, increase sales and also make necessary improvements. If you are running a business then resorting to such a system can immensely help you to upgrade your services and make your present as well as future customers really satisfied. This live chat system or virtual help desk is very flexible and can fit in any of the existing system properly. Later on, an executive who takes care of the automated chat system will easily understand the changes that are needed for a specific customer.

The author is an experienced content writer and publisher on the topics related to virtual help desk and artificial intelligence chatbot.

Customer overspending will benefit retailers.

Research carried out by in November 2005 showed that the average mobile phone user was on a lower price plan than they actually needed, costing the customer over 120 per year on top of their line rental charges! This has continued to be an issue into 2008.

The results show that either customer’s look at the monthly line rental cost rather than considering the amount they use their mobile phones each month or networks/retailers are selling customers the incorrect tariffs for their usage.

Retailers in the past have only received commission for the monthly price plan the customer has signed up to, whereas networks benefit from the price plan they are signed up to as well as any over spend outside the customer’s inclusive minutes and text messages. It seems now networks are taking note of this and O2 are offering selected distributors commission on minutes and messages used outside of the customer inclusive allowance. It is rumoured that Vodafone may follow in O2’s footsteps and also start to give commission for customers over spend.

This is not good news for the consumer, as sales staff will be encouraged to sell customers lower price plans and then make commission from their over spend. Therefore the customer loses out and ends up spending more than they need to and the retailer receives more commission for the customer’s misfortune.

OneCompare advise customers to do their research before purchasing a deal. Make sure you know how many minutes and messages you use per month, if you are unsure T-Mobile’s Flext tariffs or Three’s Mix and Match tariffs are a good start as they give you credit on your mobile phone to use on minutes or text messages each month, therefore you are not tied to a set amount of minutes and text messages each month. For example Flext 35 12 month contract gives the customer 90 inclusive credit each month to spend as they choose too, with calls being charged at 20p per minute and text messages at 10p each.

Always choose a tariff that includes your usage of minutes and messages, if you are in between two different tariffs go for the higher tariff, for a few extra pounds each month you will get a lot more minutes and messages. It is important to note that networks will let you upgrade to a higher tariff anytime throughout your contract but they will not let you lower it at anytime. Some networks only allow you to downgrade your tariff in the 11th month of your 12 month contract!

This and many other articles on mobile phones and the latest mobile phone deals was written by John Gray. John Gray’s writing can often be found at

Customer Care Unravels Bus Travel Wrangles

India is the motherland of millions and millions where bus happens to be one of the most important public transports in the country. It proves to be the biggest bet and life & blood and works integrally in the countrys artery. People use bus for short-distance as well as long-haul travels. For, the modern transit means is well equipped with passenger comfort, information systems and multimedia entertainment. And above all to serve passenger best, there is 24 x 7 customer care playing a pivotal role at travelers disposal and unraveling numerous bus travel wrangles. It really comes handy indeed.

Basically, the prime objective of the customer support in the bus business, especially, is to ensure affordable, comfortable, reliable and safe journey to passengers. There are many bus operators in India. Most of them have established their customer care centers respectively across the country. These travel companies have comprehended the importance of customer service better than ever before as how a bad service impression can wreck their businesses, and utterly lead to nothingness.

In this beautiful world, there is nothing as such which comes out completely prefect. There is always a space for improvement in every aspect. Therefore, majority of leading bus operators constantly keep doing a bit unique thing every now and then so as to give their customers a new feel each time they may travel with them. But grudging that never comes to an end. It is the passengers who complain for the unnecessary challenge they face in due travelling with to their service providers about their unjustifiable services, sectors or sometimes stations. There are numerous cases as such in which passengers pay exorbitantly high fares but receive poor service in return. Sporadic incidents of rising voracious behavior of bus operators are also being noticed these days.

There are several bus operators in India. Each state in India runs its own public bus transport in order to cater to its internal transportation needs. Its buses connect the adjoining cities to states. These are WBSTC (West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation), USRTC (Uttarakhand State Road Transport Corporation), UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation), SETC (State Express Transport Corporation), TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation), RSRTC (Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation), PB (Punjab Roadways), PRTC (Pondicherry Road Transport Corporation Limited), MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation), KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation), KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation), JKSRTC (Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation), HR (Haryana Roadways), DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation), APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation), etc.

Along with public transporters, there are several private bus operators set to catering local as well inter-state transport needs. These private operators are Kesineni Travels, KPN Travels, Kaleswari Travels, Akbar Travels, Neeta Travels, Rao Travels, Raj Travels, Rishbah Travels, Parveen Travels, Panicher Travels, etc. As well, several other travel portals are also operating bus tickets. Leading online portals are,,, and

Together, there is redBus, the largest bus service collaborator in India. It is booking bus tickets at over 75,000+ outlets. It is operating the largest network of bus operators in India. There are over 750+ leading transporters included in its list. Passengers are able to book bus tickets online for over 10000+ routes across India from the associates of redBus.

The majority of bus operators, whether it may public or private carrier, across the country are failing to meet target for on-time running. There are fare disparities, numerous incidents of route raucous and bad service experiences. And when there is any issue or inconsistency in due service crops up, the customer care number comes out handy. Customer dials the toll-free number and shares his/her terrible experiences.

In essence, Customer care is doing all to serve bus passengers best.

Customer Relationship Management And The Crm Scorecard

If you ever ever been in a customer relationship management job, yet likely struggle with ways to effectively increase your customer relationship management efficiency and find a way to clearly communicate the goals and standards of the CRM mission statement. The CRM scorecard can be very helpful in assessing the effectiveness of your customer relationship management effort. CRM scorecards are simply a preprepared document that allows a CRM organization to understand their strengths and weaknesses by assigning a value to each aspect of the CRM relationship and give it a priority relative to the rest of the published aspects on the CRM scorecard. The CRM scorecard is very helpful to the customer relationship management effort in that it supplies a tremendous amount of personal and professional information about the users that share in the use of the CRM scorecard to decide in their overall level of competence and effectiveness in the field of customer relationship management. While the ongoing effort to be the best CRM solution that you can possibly build can proceed and actually be quite successful without any additional assistance, utilizing a CRM scorecard can motivate the entire staff as well as the proprietor to perform at their best and provide a clear and easily communicated view into the day-to-day workings of the CRM scorecard relevant employees and the structure of the work that they perform.

Using the CRM scorecard is relatively easy, as the difficult part is in the initial setting up of the CRM scorecard and deciding what aspects of the customer relationship management service should take precedence over others on the CRM scorecard and assigning the order and priority of individual CRM duties. Living up to a CRM scorecard can be difficult, as many of the values and virtues listed there can be somewhat esoteric and difficult to achieve. Added to the fact that the CRM scorecard is generally filled with flowery and overwrought language, many times the concepts and goals set forth in the CRM scorecard to be misunderstood or completely lost on the reader or viewer. Understanding the concepts that are embodied in the CRM scorecard can go a long way to effectively improve the implementation of the CRM scorecard among employees, staff and proprietor alike. This emphasis on understanding and following through on the concepts embodied by the CRM scorecard is reflective of the high standards of the customer relationship management industry, whose focus is on the absolute highest quality care and customer treatment available. Specializing in dealing with customer relationships is a difficult enough occupation without having to try to come up with effective CRM solutions without a basic CRM scorecard to guide the user.

While the new CRM scorecards do not necessarily have to be in any great detail, it is helpful to provide as many guidelines and talking points as possible for users to follow in the effort to provide superior CRM service overall. Abiding by the guidelines set forth in the scorecard will help the relationship management employees and staff effectively provide management to customer relationships with minimal fuss and positive results.

Customer Service Cover Letters – How To Have A Winning Cover Letter

A customer service cover letter is a cover letter for individual with job experience on banking, customer relations officers, and manager and company representatives. The cover letter service will be addressed directly to the human resources director, and the director will be the one who will review the customer service skills of the applicant as well as the applicant’s professional skills.

A customer service cover letter usually has skills in various customer relationship developments, sales, public relations, management training, problem solutions and supervisions, sales and reporting. So if your customer service cover letter has one of these experiences, for sure, you will be short listed and can also be one of the applicants who will be given the chance for a certain position. But of course do not be over confident that you will be hired and get that certain job, take note that you will still undergo different process in which the company is implementing, say for example you were short listed because of your cover, bear in mind that you will still have an interview to pass.

And just in case you don’t know how to start writing a customer service cover letter, you can look at different samples of cover letter making software for you to have an idea on how to do it right. Also, try to ask your friends if they have a sample cover letter and from there you will be able to create your own. Just always remember, in order to have a good and eye catching cover letter, you should put your skills accordingly and it must also be accurate, avoid boasting with the skills that you have.

An Insight into the Top Law School in Cambridge-00-4051

Even today, Cambridge has a more tranquil air than its lively counterpart Oxford in the Thames Valley, sitting on the edge of open Fenland and separated from the rest of Englands bustling urban centres by some distance. This is also a long way from todays Cambridge Law School and its thriving business studies work but the past is always the key to the present.

The History of Cambridge Law School

Many of these early scholars were clergymen or involved with the Church in some form as this was the usual gateway to advancement in areas like the Civil Service or perhaps within the Royal Household. Law was taught at Cambridge from these very early days, offering fruitful career possibilities at a time when there were few other professional openings for those who wanted to climb the social order. The law may be called an ass at times but there were many who rode it on the road to success. Even today, the highest offices in the land are often occupied by lawyers, an example being former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who benefited from training in the art of making a case for or against a particular course of action.

Civil and Canon law were taught together at first but the Faculty of Canon Law was eventually shut down by King Henry VIII in 1535 when he took on the power of the Catholic Church in England, although he attoned for this at least in part by appointing the first Regius Professor of Civil Law in Cambridge around 1540. Subsequent law graduates of the University continued to work on ecclesiastical matters even after Henrys Reformation but they also served in the field of international diplomacy. This underlines the reputation the Law School has gained in the fields of international and comparative law.

English law made its way onto the scene by being added to the curriculum in 1800 through the establishment of the Downing Professorship of the Laws of England. BA exams in law followed in 1858, along with a string of Professorships in a variety of legal fields such as Criminology and (more recently) Corporate Law and Intellectual Property. The professorial team is comprised of 16 professors supported by 10 readers and a string of other academics who together can cover much of the legal field, both national and international.

Why Cambridge Business Lawyers Choose Cambridge Law School

This makes Cambridge Law School the largest and arguably the best of its kind in the country, with about six per cent of the Universitys undergraduates studying there. Many of them will go on into the business world rather than the courtroom, if only because there are more opportunities for well-paid work. Successful QCs might command footballer-type incomes but many barristers only scratch an uncertain living from practising advocacy. A number of new buildings such as the Squire Law Library and the Institute for Criminology have been built in part through the generous support of benefactors from the business community such as Hambros Bank and the Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust, which shows the high regard the Law School has outside the narrow corridors of academia.

Networking is one of the key elements of a successful business career and this is facilitated by the University Law Society, open to all members of Cambridge University and especially those studying at the Law School to become Cambridge business lawyers.

Career In Law Part -2

Lawyers in Defence services – deals with all legal matters concerning the state and is authorised to conduct courts of enquiry and court martials of offending service personnel.

2) Political advisors Ministers have various legal experts on their pay rolls who advise them from time to time on legal issues concerning various political matters

3) Lawyers with the government – inducted into the Government ministries through a UPSC interview. The minimum qualification is a Master’s degree in law with five years’ experience. Examples include: Indian Legal Service (Law officers and Legal Advisors) & State Legal Service (state police, judiciary and revenue departments)

(A)Personality Traits
1.)Highly intellectual
2.)Ability to assimilate & analyse data
3.)Unbiased approach
4.)Excellent communication & presentation skills
5.)Ability to persuade, convince & argue
6.)Self Confident
7.)Mental & Physical stamina
8.)Inclined towards reference work

(B)Job Prospects
Lawyers begin work either as appreciates with leading lawyers or with law firms. Many go on to set up an independent practice. Some leading law firms include Amarchand MangalDass, AZB, DSK Legal, Pathak & Associates, Dua & Dua, Fox & Mundal, Kochar & Kochar, Khaitan & Khaitan, Luthra & Luthra, Jyoti Sagar and Anand & Anand. These firms have a national presence with specialsied departments in varied fields of law.

Starting salaries in a solicitor firm range from Rs 1.2 1.5 lacs per annum but grow very rapidly. A Senior Advocate or Partner in a firm would earn between Rs 10 lacs to Rs 18 lacs per annum on an average. Independent practice starts at Rs 1.2 Rs 1.5 lacs per annum. An independent lawyer doing well could earn between Rs 10 lacs to Rs 15 lacs per annum.
If one makes it big as a well-known or celebrity lawyer, of course, the sky is the limit.

(D)Study Routes
After XII (any subject), pursue BA LLB, a 5-year course in Law.
After graduation (any subject) – LLB is a 3-year course for graduates. Most universities and their affiliated colleges in India conduct the LLB course.

After LLB – After a 5 year law course (BA LLB) or a 3-year (LLB) course, there are opportunities for further studies in areas related to law. These studies could be full time post graduation (LLM) of 2 years duration, or diploma courses of 1-year duration. Studying abroad could also be a possibility. Under-graduation or LLB can only be done in the UK, as that is the only place where if you study Law you can practice in India. Masters in Law can be done in the US or UK.

Leading institutions that offer courses in law are:
1.) National Law School of India University, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore – 560 072.
2.) NALSAR University of Law, 3-4-761, Barkatpura, Hyderabad – 500027
3.) National University of Juridical Sciences, NUJS Bhawan, 12 LB Block, Salt Lake, Kolkata
4.) National Law University, NH-65, Nagaur Road, Mandore, Jodhpur, Rajasthan- 342 004
5.) Symbiosis Society’s Law College, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, Maharashtra – 411 004
6.) NLIU Bhopal, VYAPAM “Chayan Bhawan” Main Road No.-1, Chinar Park (East) Bhopal-11
7.) Pondicherry University 5 YR BA LLB (HONS) CENTAC, Pondicherry Engineering College Campus, Pondicherry 605 014.
8.) The Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University, “Poompozhil”, 5, Greenways Road, Chennai – 600 028.
9.) Hidayatullah National Law University, Civil Lines, Raipur – 492001 (C.G.).
10.) Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006.
11.) Army institute of Law, Sector – 68, Mohali 160062, Punjab
12.) Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Bharati Vidyapeeth Bhavan, Lal Bhadur Shastri Marg, Pune 411 030
13.) Faculty of Law, Delhi University, University Road, Delhi 110007
14.) Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221 005
15.) Gujarat National Law University , Gandhinagar, Old NIFT Building,E-4 GIDC, Electronic Zone, Gandhinagar – 382 028, Gujarat
16.) Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202002
17.) Hidayatullah National Law University, HNLU Bhawan, Civil Lines, 492001 Raipur

Other Colleges include:
1.)Aligarh Muslim University, Law Faculty, Aligarh 202002.
2.)Amity Law School (Amity Campus Saket) E-27, Defence Colony, New Delhi 24
3.)NBM College of Law, Vishakapatnam 530002
4.)Osmania University, Law College Hyderabad 500007
5.)Bangalore University, Law College, Jnana Bharathi, Bangalore 560056
6.)Mangalore University Manglagangotri 574199, Karnataka
7.)University of Mysore, Law College, Crawford Hall, Mysore 570005
8.)Law College, University of Madras, Centenary Buildings,Chepauk, Chennai 600005
9.)Bharti Vidyapeeth Law College, LB Shastri Marg Pune 411030
10.) B R Ambedkar University, College of Law Aurangabad 431001
11.) University of Mumbai Law Faculty, Fort, Mumbai 400032
12.) University of Lucknow, Lucknow 226007
13.) University of Punjab, Chandigarh
14.) Law Faculty, University of Delhi, Delhi 110 007
15.) University of Rajasthan, Jaipur 302 004
16.) University of Mumbai Law Faculty, Fort, Mumbai 400032
17.) Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 380009
18.) MS University of Baroda, Vadodara 399002
19.) Nagpur University, Nagpur 440001
20.) University of Pune, Ganeshkhind, Pune 411007
21.) Marathwada University, Aurangabad 431 004
22.) Utkal University, Vani Nagar, Bhubaneshwar 751004

Colleges Overseas

Colleges in USA

1.)Yale University, school of law
2.)Harvard university, school of law
3.)Stanford university, school of law
4.)Columbia university, school of law
5.)New York University, school of law
6.)University of Chicago, school of law

Note: To practice law in India you can only do your Masters in the USA. Under-Graduation would need do be done in India / UK.

1.)Cambridge University
3.)London School of Economics
4.)University College, London
5.)Nottingham University
6.)Warwick university
7.)Kings College, London
8.)Manchester University

1.)Australian College of Law
2.)James Cook University
3.)University of Canberra
4.)University of Melbourne
5.)Sydney University Law School
6.)University of Tasmania

Customer Service Jobs – How To Succeed In Customer Service

Customer service jobs, receptionist jobs or even call center jobs are often not given their due importance. This is quite unfortunate because, customer service jobs are the lifeblood of any corporation or concern. If you dont tend to customers and take their feedback seriously, then you lose them! Its as simple as that and who will help you obtain the valuable feedback from customers? A customer service representative.

Top Tips For Call Center Hopefuls

It is not easy being a customer service representative, because, more often than not, you, as a customer service representative are a face of the company and customers will connect to you the most. If there is something wrong with any product or service offered by the company, then you will have to bear the brunt of it. But, in spite of the so called occupational hazards of the job, you can be a really good customer service representative, with these tips!

Understand your responsibilities thoroughly. Read between the lines or the fine print, so to speak. You need to be really careful before uttering the words Not my department, sir, because if the said sir finds out that it is indeed in your department, youll be sacked! Get all the latest information on your companys policies.

Be prepared at all times for unexpected situations! Call center jobs are really demanding because most employees arent prepared for most kinds of eventualities. So think of every possible outcome that can arise when a particularly disgruntled customer calls up! Be one step ahead!

Being courteous is a must if you are in the customer service sector. In fact, if someone is hurling abuses at you, you have to patiently listen and pretend like nothing is the matter! Tough, isnt it? But its one of the pre requisites of getting into the customer service industry! You have to have really thick skin!

Being humorous is another trick which will favor your case as a customer service representative. When tension is thick in the air or on the phone line, try and lighten things up by injecting humor into the scene! It works most times, but only if you know how to do it!

Learn the art of making the customer feel important, even though you know that one disgruntled customer cannot make any difference whatsoever to your company. You have to make the customer feel like he or she matters a lot and that will be a secret to your success as a call centre employee or as a customer service representative in any other field.

Be willing to take the initiative whenever the situation demands it of you. This will, if nothing else, ensure a speedy promotion for you and who doesnt want that?

Make yourself prominent if you are good at the job. In fact, if you are good at what you do, dont be surprised if a customer you have dealt with sends a complimentary email to your manager if you go about things the right way!

The best part about the customer service industry is that you can work on customer service jobs from home too, so why give up a golden opportunity like that?

Customer Service Jobs – Tips For Being Successful In A Call Center Job Opportunity

While the call centre jobs keep increasing, it is also getting more and more important that you know the basics of being in a customer service jobs well to be able to keep that job. This area is one that requires much competence and staying up to date.

Being successful in a customer service job like a call centre job, whether it be from home or office, requires some characteristics in your persona that are easy to develop once you know what they are and why they are so important to have. Resourcefulness, bilingual skills, the ability to listen, a pleasant and outgoing personality, clarity of speech, sense of responsibility, flexibility and discipline will get you a long way when it comes to customer service careers.

Once you have achieved these, you can start using these tips and you are sure to become quite a success in your field.

Take that First Call Importantly.

It is important that you try and solve the problem that your caller has and expects you to solve in the very first call itself. A caller having to call repetitively is bound to grow a negative attitude and dislike for the process which will be fatal to your progress.


Half of the problems that you might be having would occur if you really listened. Not just over the phone but later as well. Take your job home if you have to. Get a few of the calls recorded and listen to them. You will easily find out exactly what customers are complaining about. Knowing the problem, you will be better at providing solutions.

Be Honest.

Do not make false promises to a caller. Telling a customer what are calling to hear may not be the best idea. Telling them that their problem will be resolved by an hour is not a good idea when you know it wont be. Increasing their expectations will only make them bitter when you cant live up to the promises you have made. The last thing you want when you are a customer service representative is for your customer to feel badly about you.

Improve your Speech.

Not all of us are born with the gift of the gab. Accepting it and tackling it headlong is better than making do with it. Improve your communication skills. A grammatically correct sentence, a hello said in an impressive accent in a pleasing tone will go a long way to pacify an angry caller as opposed to incorrect English, a rough tone and a bad attitude that your speech might be exuding without even your knowing it.

Follow the Leader.

There are always some call centre employees who make it big and some who dont. Look at the successful customer service representatives before you very carefully. Learn from their ways. There is a reason why they are successful. If you find that reason and incorporate that trait in you, your chances of being where they are are bound to multiply.

Be flexible, learn the tips of the trade and not only will anybody be able to displace you, but more importantly you will become an asset that they cant do without.

Communication Assassins in Relationships

Communication skills.” That’s the sacred term of marriage improvement literature. Yet every time I hear the term I cringe because the term is applied as a superficial cure-all for a problem that’s really quite complex. It’s like applying a topical ointment on a smallpox blister. Why is it that most people communicate just fine at the start of a relationship? Why do they mysteriously lose that ability over the years? Is it really because they lose their communication skills?

My wife and I conduct Love Odyssey marriage retreats to save relationships on board our pilothouse sailboat. It’s understandable why we often use nautical metaphors. For communication problems what comes to mind is the taredo navalis, otherwise known as the shipworm. These mollusks will bore into the hull of a wooden ship until the hull fails and the ship sinks. Relationships often fail in a similar manner. Hidden inhibitions can accumulate in the unconscious until the person can’t even think in ways that support the relationship. Then the relationship will sink into a predictable role-bound numbness. The partners won’t talk about anything except their responsibilities or their resentments of the other.

There are three variants of the relationship shipworm. One is the fear of subjugation… that we will be the less important partner and a mere footnote on our partner’s life. For the man this translates as a fear of being weak. The second fear is of disapproval… that we will be momentarily paralyzed by shame in our partner’s disapproving glare. The third fear is of rejection… that we will lose our sense of connection and our place of importance in our partner’s mind. These fears are most often hidden from our awareness. We don’t want to admit the truth that we’re vulnerable and emotionally dependent on our partner. The truth would mess with our vaunted image of ourselves as strong independent adults. What makes things complicated is that our unconscious will protect us even if we deny our fears. It will map out the near future and route us away from dangerous choices. As the fears grow over time, we may find that we stop being curious about what’s going on in our partner’s mind. We no longer seek his or her feelings or experience. What comes to our awareness are the problems with the job, the children, the house, etc.

Maintaining communication in a relationship depends less on skill and more on what’s called “emotional regulation.” If a person has strong internal boundaries then the inhibitions can’t accumulate. But having internal boundaries is really a complex issue. It means having a strong internal frame of meaning that floats our self-esteem and identity. We don’t learn that in a communication class. We learn that over time in the school of life.

Communication Management Develop Effective Managers And Leadership

Your organization’s managers are responsible for leading and directing others. Their success (or lack of it) has a tremendous impact on profitability. This article will provide information about how you can develop effective managers who can get the job done. Whether you’re an executive, a manager or a team leader, the following information will be beneficial to you.

Communication management solutions help managers learn to communicate with employees ‘ it increases morale and productivity.

Did you know that one of the most common sources of low productivity and poor work ethic is the relationship between a manager and an employee?

A manager can significantly impact workforce development and employee performance. Whether the impact is positive or negative is often the direct result of communication management and their understanding of each other’s work habits and style.

Managers who are “out of touch” with their employees often cause low productivity, dwindling morale and high employee turnover. On the other hand, employees who feel a connection to their manager are often highly productive and engaged in their work. Having a greater understanding of the dynamics of their work relationship will help both parties appreciate where their perspectives are similar and where they differ. This mutual understanding will result in a more productive and positive working relationship.

Communication between a manager and employee is critical to drive performance. The faster a manager can understand an employee, the more effective they can be in managing and coaching.

Communication management tools offer insight for managers to quickly understand the strengths and core characteristics of their employees. Arm managers with a custom ‘user guide’ for every employee, providing knowledge about how they fit with their job and how managers can effectively work with employees and create positive team dynamics. This information results in concrete suggestions on how to manage employees to achieve the best performance.

Managers have a dynamic workforce. New employees are frequently added to the team, some are even distributed in other locations. Today, many organizations use communication management tools to help them develop a highly productive, fully engaged workforce regardless of their location or their tenure with the company.

By measuring employees’ attitudes, motivations and outlook on their employers, current managers and job functions, organizations can gain a vital perspective on the current reality in their company and pinpoint areas of concern affecting the total workplace experience. Communication management tools give insight into your employees’ opinions about human resource issues, the role work plays in their lives, what their job-related needs and preferences are and what motivates them in the workplace.

And finally, improving the leadership and management skills of managers within an organization is becoming increasingly important. Managers who are able to perform their jobs better and work toward the goals of the organization can improve productivity with fewer “people problems,” increased employee retention and greater profits.

Managers can improve their management skills by identifying their strengths and areas for development using information from assessments to develop the proficiencies that are most important to their professional growth and success. Assessments can help managers improve performance in all of the following competencies:

– Listening To Others
– Processing Information
– Communicating Effectively
– Instilling Trust
– Building Personal Relationships
– Delegating Responsibility
– Adjusting To Circumstances
– Thinking Creatively
– Providing Direction
– Facilitating Team Success
– Working Efficiently
– Working Competently
– Taking Action
– Achieving Results
– Cultivating Individual Talents
– Motivating Successfully
– Displaying Commitment
– Seeking Improvement

Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Make A Specific Person Love Me

The Law of Attraction states that we create our own reality, and that we can have anything we desire. But how does this work when it comes to love and other people? Can we attract a specific person? Can we force someone to love us?
Here’s the thing: you are the creator of your own reality. But just yours. You cannot create in someone else’s reality. What that means is, you can’t force a specific person to be a vibrational match to you.
Let’s say you’re a single woman and there’s a guy you’re really attracted to. But he doesn’t seem to know you exist. Or, he likes you as well, but somehow, the two of you just can’t seem to get it together. If you were a vibrational match, you’d be together. It would happen easily. The fact that it seems difficult, the fact that you’re not together, means you’re not a match. You can’t force him to love you and neither can the Universe.
But, don’t let that make you depressed. Let me explain: the Universe will show you what you are vibrating, what you’re putting out there. It will mirror your beliefs. So, this amazing guy comes along, but for some reason, you can’t seem to get it together. Sometimes, ok often, our vibrations aren’t all that clear or specific. They’re kind of fuzzy. And so the Universe shows you things that are close, to help you become clearer and more focused. “Like this? How about this one? More like that one?” And then you have the chance to say “Yes, like this one, but I want him to live closer. That one’s good, but taller,” etc.
So, even if this guy isn’t “the one”, he’s an indicator of where your vibration is currently at. And if he’s awesome, that means your vibration is already pretty awesome. The people you are attracting into your life are a mirror for what’s going on inside you.
So, what do you do now? My advice is this:
I know it’s hard, but don’t get stuck on the idea that this guy has to necessarily be the one. He might be, he might not be. Stay open to the possibility that he’s the precursor to someone even better.
Focus on why you like him so much. What are the qualities that attract you? What specifically do you like so much about him? Keep focusing on those things. You’re refining your vibration, sending the Universe a clearer message on what you want.
Keep in mind that there are many things you don’t know about him, so you can’t know that he’s perfect for you. Trust the Universe. The Universe sees the whole picture. If you’re not getting together, there’s a reason. Don’t force it. Every time you find yourself getting frustrated (about anything), you’re working too hard. You’re trying to do the Universe’s job. Stop that.
Don’t spend all of your time obsessing about this guy, or the fact that you’re single. Go do something fun, be happy. If you keep thinking about how lonely you are, the Universe cannot bring you anything but situations that make you lonely. Yes, this takes practice, but it’s a lot more fun to focus on how great your life is than on the fact that you’re waking up alone every morning.
Of course, it is possible that as you do this, this guy that you like will end up being a match to you. You don’t have to give up on him altogether, just be open to the possibility that he’s just an indicator and someone even better is about to show up. After all, if this guy isn’t a vibrational match to you, meaning that you’re not a match to each other, do you really want him? Neither one of you would be happy in such a relationship.
There may be a part of you that’s thinking “But what if that other, better guy never shows up? Wouldn’t it be better to have this possibly ‘imperfect’ match now, than nothing?” This fear of being alone forever is perfectly understandable. We’re virtually bombarded by the media, our family and friends with the “fact” that if we don’t find true love and get married by a certain age, we are destined to die alone. We are taught that we need another person to complete us, that without a partner we are somehow incomplete and that love is for the young and attractive. So every second that goes by takes us a little closer to old age and guaranteed wrinkly loneliness. Sound familiar?
The truth is that finding love has nothing to do with our number of wrinkles. If that were the case, all young people would be in love and oldies would never find it. And that’s just not true, is it? Finding love, just like everything else, has everything to do with your vibration. And really, you shouldn’t try to find love. Let it find you. Focus on living your life with passion, on having as much fun as you can, and refine what it is that you really want in a partner by paying attention to what you like about the current people in your life. Don’t settle for something less than you deserve out of fear. Relax and enjoy being single. There’s nothing wrong with it. Get to the point where you’re having so much fun that you don’t even notice that you’re single anymore. When you’re at that point, you’ll be vibrating “I’m happy, I’m whole, I’m complete”, and the Universe won’t be able to help but bring you more and more situations that make you feel that way. That’s when the guy you truly want will show up. That’s when you will let your vibrational match in.

BlackBerry Z10 Deals – The High Flying Colorful Kite is Now Reachable

BlackBerry is always tagged as the brand of luxury and top notch Smartphone makers. The introduction of BB 10 operating system is one of the most vital turning points for the company. The first smartphone in the array of BB 10 OS powered devices is BlackBerry Z10. Every gadget aficionado was keenly waiting for this innovative gadget but the heavy price tag attached with the device put customers in disappointment. To lure the customers, different leading mobile network has came forward with plethora of BlackBerry Z10 deals. These offers has shrunk down the effective cost to a much lower tag and hence making it easy for the customers to get this powerful and trendy device.

Why to Put a Glance

Besides being blessed with the super cool design and robust body; the device is a complete pack of astounding traits. The device comes with a 4.2 inches capacitive touchscreen which generates superlative output of 355 ppi pixel density. When talking about the camera specifications; the device scores maximum with an 8 MP primary and 2 MP secondary camera. This handset gadget incorporates Dual Core 1.5 GHz Krait processor, Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset and BlackBerry 10 OS which is upgradable to v10.1.

Who is offering what!

There is literally a complete range of exciting contract deals on leading networks like 3, Orange, T Mobile, O2, Vodafone and many more. The BlackBerry Z10 contract on Orange network comes under the name of -Orange Panther 20 BlackBerry’. This deal offers free handset with 1 month free insurance at a minimal monthly rental of 20 for 24 months. In this contract, the customer gets 100 minutes, 3000 text and 500 MB data per month. Icing the cake; a discount of 16 months half line rental cut down the effective monthly cost to 13.33. The total effective cost of this contract is 320.

In another deal with 3 network; you get a free handset with a 1 month free insurance at 21 Line rental for 24 months contract. In this deal; the customer gets 500 minutes, 5000 text and unlimited data per month. The customers don’t need to shed extra bucks in the name of additional charges as the deal comes with free connection.

BlackBerry Z10 on T-mobile comes under the tag of – 21 T-Mobile’. As understood by the name, this deal offers free handset at a monthly line rental of 21 for 24 months contract. The customer is benefited with 100 minutes, unlimited text and 1 GB data per month. To spice up the deal; the contract comes with 16 months half line rental that reduces the effective monthly cost to 14 and effective contract cost to 336.

Excited by the deals? There are actually a lot more to explore and get benefited. Beside with saving bundle of bucks; the customers even get a lot of amazing free gifts with these offers.

Car Dvd, Cell Phone, Portable Gps Unit Help Your Gps Devices Customer Make The Right Choice

GPS devices with their ability to pinpoint your exact location to the latest millimeter has been turning up on everything from cell phones to car DVD players these days. These tools can guide you to where you intend to go to by graphically showing your actual position in a map before giving you turn by turn directions to your destination.

When first created these were large contraptions attached to cars and other vehicles, the techniques used in GPS devices have gone a long way resulting in smaller, a growing number of portable, and more affordable devices packed with a wide variety of features that users like you will surely enjoy. Some of the devices with this technology include car DVD players, wristbands, mobile phones, smartphones handheld units, computers and even devices small enough to be put onto your keychain.

Almost anything can be put to use as a GPS capable device, from the least expensive portable units, to the most high priced high-end units with 3D and high-definition digital maps. As a distributor or entrepreneur engaged in the GPS sector, it is important that you are familiar with the benefits, disadvantages and features of each of these device so you are in a better position to help your customers make the right choice.

The Three Most Common Types Of GPS Device

The following is a quick look at the more popular GPS navigation devices available in the field:

* Car DVD Players with GPS Capabilities

The car DVD player is more than an entertainment device these days it can also be used for communicating and navigating. These players have incredible audio quality and high resolution screens which are much better than other portable GPS devices.

The problem however lies in how hard car DVD playes are to carry around as these units are directly installed on your vehicle’s dashboard. Costs of car DVD players can also be prohibitive, and are much higher than cell phones or portable GPS units. These electronics however appeal to people with a more classy taste and are not opposed to spending more for better quality. These devices also appeal to users who constantly make use of GPS systems on their cars such as limousine services and car rentals.

* Portable GPS Units

People who place a greater value on portability or the ability to use their GPS device in different vehicles will be more inclined to use portable GPS units. There is a wide variety of portable navigational devices available from snap on units that are able to be mounted on a card dashboard or handheld GPS navigators that can be strapped on the wrist or arms to aid with navigation while hiking or jogging.

These units have almost the same functions as installed GPS units but their video and audio output is lower. You can play multimedia files uploaded to the device’s internal memory, but these devices have no capabilities of taking CDs or DVDs directly. The main attraction however is the units superb portability and the lower price that can drop by as much as 30% to 50% compared to other GPS devices.

* Cellular Phones with GPS Capabilities

The FCC mandated E911 required cell phone manufacturers to possess GPS capabilities built in to cell phones and upmarket phones to help 911 response units to pinpoint the phone’s location during emergencies. But emergency situations are not the only advantage for the GPS capabilities of these phones as you are able to use them for directional information just like any other GPS tool.

Cell Phones aren’t as good at media and entertainment as car DVD players or handheld media devices but they are tops at communication. These devices appeal to people who need GPS functionality but do not want to lug around a separate unit.

Assisting Your Customers To Make the Right Choice

It is up to the seller (that’s you) to make the buyer understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type of device and guide them towards making the right decision. So, it is vital that you ask customer certain queries that will guide them in the selection process.

First is to ask them what particular places they intend to use the device in.You wouldn’t suggest that an outdoors person would buy a car DVD player with GPS functionality to fill their needs, just like you wouldn’t recommend a small screened portable GPS unit to a motorist.

Frequencies are another thing to ask users about, particularly with their need to use a cellular phone equipped with GPS or they aim to use a dual-band or tri-band portable GPS navigator in a different country. Take note that GSM signal frequencies are sometimes be different depending on where the customer is going so it is important that you and your customer know exactly what they need.

Similar to frequencies, DVD regions is another thing to ask if the customer has his eye on a car DVD player with GPS capabilities. They may end up unable to read certain DVDs if there are regional limitations in the tool itself.

Aside from the above, you should ask customers the particular features or applications that they would like their GPS device to have. If they need to play DVDs or CDs then recommending a portable GPS or even a cell phone is not very wise. If portability is an important consideration for the customer don’t recommend a car DVD player. Cell phones and portable GPS units can be installed added applications so it would be wise to know what can be installed or not.

Affordable legal services finding attorneys and specialists in family law based in New Jersey

When it comes to getting any type of affordable legal services, you need to know that you’re getting the most for your dollar’s worth. While searching for New Jersey attorneys and any type of family law in New Jersey, it’s vital to to be sure that the firm of your choice is qualified and experienced in the field of your needs. It’s understood that you want someone who knows what they’re doing when representing you and the case you’re presenting. With this in mind, you should look only for firms of which you know will be able to assist you with the specifics of your case. The company that you decide on should also be able to provide their services at an affordable rate.

Help with family law in the New Jersey area/b>

Finding Affordable Legal Services can be tough, but not impossible. New Jersey attorneys should be able to provide you with everything that’s needed when it comes to helping you with your case, whether it is family law or another case in New Jersey. Looking for the most reliable firm is something that most people will have to go through at some point in their life. The New Jersey attorney of your choice should be able to walk you through every process, so you don’t come across anything you didn’t plan ahead for. Dealing with a situation requiring family law services can be a tough process to go through. Thus, you want to ensure that you are prepared, knowing that you have affordable and reliable legal services to back you up.

With this in mind, you should be as open as possible, by telling your New Jersey Attorneys everything that can help them on the family law case of which they are acting on. This will allow you to feel more comfortable with hiring a firm that provides affordable legal services to represent you. With all of the New Jersey attorneys out there, you can find one that works well with your case and moreover, an attorney that you can trust. High-quality Family Law New Jersey are not something that come frequently, so ensure that the affordable legal services provided are something that you’ll want to stick with for some time.

Facta Law And Paper Shredders

FACTA stands for “Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act”, a law that became effective in June 2005. The FACTA law requires companies that have one or more employees to provide them with proper document disposal equipment. In other words, according to the FACTA Law, important personal or business related documents have to be discarded in a safe way that thoroughly eliminates chances of identity theft. The best way of complying with the new FACTA is to purchase a paper shredder for your office, the most protected and successful method of removing information and eliminating sensitive documents.
Increased protection since HIPAA
Only a few businesses are aware of all the requirements of the FACTA Law. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act specifies a series of penalties for businesses that are not complying with it. FACTA law increases personal ID protection for employees and reduces the chances of identity theft from happening. The FACTA law was created to protect employee information and it followed the footsteps of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).
FACTA law fines
A company that fails to comply with the FACTA law can end up paying huge fines. State laws allow fines that go up to $1,000 while federal law allows a fine of up to $2,500 for one single violation. Besides this, if an employee accuses identity theft, and his employer is found to be guilty of unwillingly facilitating access to personal information (though poor document disposal techniques), chances are the lawsuit will be in the employee’s favor. FACTA law compliancy is not difficult to achieve, as it only requires you to purchase one device – the paper shredder. You can choose from a large variety of paper shredders, from cross cut to strip cut shredders, from industrial paper shredders to small office shredding machines.
Identity theft damage
The problems caused by identity theft cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. There are many ways in which identity theft strikes: a person having personal information on someone else can easily open fraudulent bank accounts, charge credit cards, rent buy or sell items with a different name and so on. Victims of identity theft often have a very late response and they realize that they have been robbed or cheated out of their money only weeks, months or even years later. The number one cause for identity theft are all the documents that contain such sensitive personal information and get thrown in the garbage, instead of being properly disposed of by using a paper shredder .
FACTA law and paper shredders
The fines imposed by the FACTA law for businesses that do not dispose of document containing personal employee information properly are high. The best way of avoiding both the FACTA fines and any risks of allowing employee information to fall in the wrong hands is to purchase a paper shredder. While the cots of a shredder and it’s presence in the office might seem like an extra burden, the paper shredder is, in fact, your best bet against identity theft and other forms of fraud. Small office shredders are great for small offices with only a few employees, while larger corporations can purchase a cross cut paper shredder that can process thousands of documents each day.

Business lawyer New York

Business law is an outdoor umbrella term that also contains business and somewhat, agreement law. It is a form of law that administrates the dealings that take position among companies and companies that have a professional element connected to them. Often regarded to be a division of city law, business law promotions with concerns of public as well as private law and contains such headings as those of broker and the key, carriages that take position on the area as well as the sea and vendor delivery along with incident cover. These are some of the many concerns that, if occurred in New You are able to, a Business lawyer New York are able to will deal with.

An excellent business attorney will assist in almost every area of a business, from primary concerns like trademark and design of images etc to legal cases and obligations that a business may have to face at any point during its perception and development. Most companies make the error of selecting a reliable business attorney, or any attorney for that matter; only when water has approved under the link and a police is probably on his way to police detain the company head. It is easy to understand that they want to cut costs but what is also note-worthy is the fact that an attorney should be chosen right from the start to work as a support between your enterprise and the law and guideline you according to what is lawfully predicted of you, so you do not end up gaining trouble.

A excellent business attorney is one who knows the demands of the company enterprise who he is working for, Starting from creating agreements that for a stability between/among different stakeholders and rental promotions that go in your benefit, to determining whether a company should stay a relationship or become a restricted company as far as the decision’s legal significances would be.

Contact Customer Services Social Media Customer Care And Influence Marketing

Ever since social media came into existence, there have been certain people that have been looked at as the people who influence others to like a post, read an article or buy a product. These people are referred to as an influencer, and it seems today that nearly anyone can become one, should they have a problem with a product or service, share about it online, and a companys social media customer care center not pick it up and take care of it fast enough.

Customer Service No Longer Needs to Be a Phone Conversation

In todays internet driven world, social media customer care is more important than ever. Each day we see more and more outlets being created online to help spread the word of a product or service, whether it is good or bad.

A prime example of good social media customer care is that of Samsung, who had a customer send them a Facebook message and explain his devotion to the company, and how he owned many of their products in hopes that they would send him a free Galaxy S3, and attached to this note was simple picture of a dragon. While the company quickly responded to his note thanking him for his love for their products and complimented him on his drawing with one of their own, a kangaroo on a unicycle, but this simple conversation was not over. A week or so later, the customer received a personalized Samsung Galaxy S3 in his mail, with his drawing on the back of the phone, and a thank you letter from the company itself. This story was then picked up on multiple social media outlets and news sites, such as Mashable. The full story can be seen here.

This is a perfect example of how a social media customer care center helped to take care of its fans while also creating a devoted influencer to the company, who in turn shared his story with thousands of others on the internet.

Social Media Customer Care Neglect: The Ugly Side

Should a company decide that a social media customer care center or team is not for them, be forewarned that it is ill advised.

The perfect example of where not having a social media customer care team can be seen in a recent article about a Kansas City Chiefs fan who was upset about team ownership and the teams record. The fan soon took to Twitter after the Chiefs opening day loss to vent his frustration. Soon after he had tweeted the update, he received a snarky message from the Chiefs verified account. Frustrated and upset at the team, the fan (who also happens to be managing social media for a company) tweeted out an image of the message to his 127k followers as well as shared the story on Reddit and upon learning about this the Chiefs blocked his account.

Eventually the Chiefs vaguely apologized, but the fan could not see it since he was blocked from the account. Later on in the week, the fan was now being a local guest on TV and radio shows as well as his story being picked up on Yahoo!.

In the end the best thing their social media customer care team could have done was to simply allow the fan to vent his frustration and offer up positive and encouraging tweets. However, this goes to show that no matter who is commenting or tweeting about your product or service, it is always important to acknowledge the comment, because you never know who that person influences.

In the end, a social media customer care center can help you manage your online brand presence, and help to both promote your services as well as fix small problems, before they become a viral mess.

Centennial Homes Happy Customer Review

Our basal curiosity in Centennial Homes was with the Centennial internet site then we looked at homes.

After getting together in the sales location and inspecting comfortable houses, we concluded to do business solely with Centennial because of their prestige and our amazing treatment by the Centennial Homes staff, peculiarly Joel and Lynn .

We believed from the initial stages that we were handled extremely decorously and helpfully and have never had even minimal pressure to leap forward and buy.

Joel Welke and Lynn Smith have went to great lengths to help us with topics such as interest rates to answering repetitive questions.

Our next manufactured home purchase will be because of how amazingly we were treated as well, we are quite certain.

Thank you for everything.

Carson & Angelina Long

Trent, SD

At Centennial Homes of Billings, MT we are humble to the fact that we have made it this long because of our clients and we work extremely hard to make every home building experience one that will be quick and as pleasurable as allowable. From a person’s initial meeting through the delivery and set up of any of our homes, this commitment to putting the home buyer ahead is always our only focus and top priority.

Centennial Homes has been in business for just under 50 years and we sell quality home to clients in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana from our 7 model home centers. Each of our model home centers feature up to 25 comfortably decorated homes for shoppers to see so that you can see a clear picture of how our trailer houses look in “reality”. During the cold months we warm the houses and in the warm months we air condition the homes; so you can see the homes in comfort. We do all of this to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

Leveraging our experience in creating a complete home purchasing plan; from floor plan design, interior options, dirt work coordination, financing and final completion, make getting your new house fast and pleasurable.

The primary sales location started in Aberdeen, SD. Since then Centennial Homes has increased to seven sales locations in a 3 state region, with more opening soon. Centennial’s corporate staff consists of the following divisions: Sales Management, Service Management, Finance & Insurance, Marketing, Corporate Service, Accounting and Information Services. With our record of service and dedication to our customers we provide wonderful service today and will be here to assist our home buyers long beyond your purchase.

In the early 1980’s Centennial began an exclusive partnership with Friendship Homes, a successful manufactured of both modular and manufactured houses. Through this partnership with Centennial, they has been voted the best selling home in MT, ND and SD for 2009. It is very exciting to have a partnership such as the one we have with Friendship Homes, said Jason Collins, Director of Marketing for Centennial. While some house retailers are closing up shop and even more manufactures are boarding their windows, Centennial Homes and Friendship are both looking for growth opportunities and new ways that we can better serve our customers in Montana and North and South Dakota. We are here for the duration and we want our homeowners and potential customers to be assured that we is solid and will only be getting bigger and better in the future. Collins finished.

AT89S52 based LCM Display Serial Communication Control


Revolutionary progress in bringing the computer to infiltrate all sectors, the traditional definition of a computer major changes have taken place. Microcontroller called Micro-Controller/Embedded-Controller, its high cost and highly industrial control, consumer electronics field attention. Microcontroller Serial communication is used in many systems integration approach. In some complex control systems, microcontroller and PC machines connected into a system solution. Microcontroller and PC, Internet, PC, a powerful use of computing decision-making capacity, the microcontroller as a special environment for data acquisition and execution units, are increasingly being used to the industrial control field, which can greatly save system cost.

2 Total Solution

MCU selection Atmel89S52, through DB9 serial cable to the computer using RS232 serial communication standard. The communication between the microcontroller and the computer a certain communication protocol. Serial communication through the computer terminal on a single chip software control the display of the content and LCM display. Send string or text file to the microcontroller, Microprocessor LCM, and received on the content displayed on the LCM (LCM can display only ASCII characters and 8 custom characters), through the PC-side software can control characters are displayed, such as scroll, wrap, for screen display, and you can read the current LCM display. Therefore, the basic component is the SCM system, PC-side serial port communication software.

As computing power is stronger than PC-SCM, so to handle the data pre sent again MCU. MCU provides a buffer of limited capacity, PC-side software to send the content to display buffer can be read from the buffer contents are displayed. PC-Serial communication software written using JAVA, JAVA language is characterized by a high degree of portability, another JDK (JAVA Development Kits) provides a rich class library, can easily construct a good graphical user interface (GUI) applications .

3 System Design and Implementation of hardware

Hardware circuit consists of power circuit, the microcontroller power-on reset and oscillator circuit, microcontroller, and data path between the LCM, the other is between the microcontroller and PC, RS232 communication module design, the use of MAX232 chips, is responsible for converting the signal level.

.3.1 Power supply design

Shown in Figure 1, the power supply circuit, rectifier bridge built, so you can enter the DC or AC 9V power supply, and then stabilize by 7805 to 5V for the microcontroller work. Three-terminal power supply fixed by the output pin 7805 is Vo, the input pin and ground pin GND Vi composition, it is the regulator +5 V, it belongs to CW78XX series regulator, the input termination capacitor can be further filtered output capacitor can also take the moment to improve the impact of the load, the circuit stability is relatively good, but with the capacitor must be smaller leakage current of tantalum capacitors, if the use of electrolytic capacitors, the capacitance value than others to increased by 10 times.

3.2 SCM and LCM external circuit drive circuit

The minimum system consists of single chip oscillator circuit, reset circuit. Part of the system clock is implemented using the crystal oscillator. Taking into account the input power supply ripple effect on the microcontroller, an increase in the power supply pins to achieve a capacitor filter, a smaller input disruption. In this system, the crystal used in 11.0592Mhz by the 10K resistor and 10uF capacitor reset circuit composition. -EA/Vpp Then VCC, because access to the internal memory .ALE /-PROG should be empty. SCM P0 and P2 ports and RT1602 LCM connection. The purpose is to facilitate the use of 11.0592MHz serial use 9600bit / s communication speed.

LCM display module is a kind of liquid crystal displays, connectors, integrated circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, the structure of the components assembled together, in fact, it is a commercial component. The design uses 1602 series of dot matrix character LCD module, each line can display 16 characters, 2 lines. It is a dot matrix character LCD display and a dedicated line, column driver, controller and the necessary connectors, assembled structure, and can display digital and Western character. The dot character itself has a character generator module, display capacity, feature-rich.

3.3 RS232 serial communication circuit

This system is mainly serial communication module to communicate with the host computer. SCM system will save the data in RAM to the host computer for processing, thereby reducing the burden of SCM system. The microcontroller to communicate with the host computer interface, different levels, hence the need for the interface conversion, where the interface using MAX232 chip to achieve the level of transformation.

4 Communication Protocol

Microcontroller and PC-side software to communicate to the communication must comply with certain rules, such as, MCU initiative to send the initialization code to the PC-side successful, PC sends a specific code that will send the data to the MCU, MCU do Receive preparation.

RS232 communication speed up to 19200bit / s. The software used 9600bit / s communication speed. Communication protocol should be as short as possible so as to improve communication efficiency.

5 System Software Design

System software design, including microcontroller and the PC-side in two parts. Microcontroller through the serial port side is mainly the information received from the host computer, and then the information will be displayed in the LCM. PC-side software through the preparation of some of the major graphical interface, to achieve the users control the entire system. 5.1 SCM-side software

SCM-side software written by C51 (C-code), using Keil uVision integrated development environment. SCM SCM client to complete the initialization of the main, LCM display, serial communication.

Initialization of the microcontroller MCU is mainly open and LCM serial port interrupt the initialization display. To set the following registers: IE, EA, ES, SCON, PCON, TCON and so on.

LCM LCM display complete control over the display of the main contents and forms, and receive and send information to the PC, and in the display must first read its busy marker to determine whether it can accept data LCM.

MCU part of the serial communication module to complete as long as the communication between PC and SCM, which will send the required information system to the host computer for processing. The AT89S52 microcontroller with on-chip UART, serial communication therefore relatively easy to achieve, just set the appropriate registers to enable the serial port to work. Serial communication with cycle (query) and interrupt two ways. On the use of efficiency, the interrupt mode to save CPU resources than the query. Therefore, the serial communication with the microcontroller interrupt to receive and send data.

5.2 PC-side software

PC-side software is mainly responsible for providing a convenient user interface to send and receive, and handle the serial port information. This software is running, to initialize the user interface using the main thread, and start a background thread is responsible for monitoring the user to select the serial port has to accept the information sent by the microcontroller, and in a timely manner displayed. When a user enters the characters to be sent, click Send, can send data to the serial port and timely addition, a complete software to help is also essential, so user-friendly software.

System needs to summarize the class object: the user interface class MainFrame, serial class PortControl, serial write data class SerialWriter, serial read data class SerialReader.

PC-side during the serial communication programming, must be used before the first resource request made to the operating system requirements (open serial port), and then configure the port parameters, then we can exchange data with the serial port and complete data from the serial port to send and receive . Finally, completion of the release of the communication resources (close serial port). Create the serial port class PortControl, responsible for the serial port enumeration, data transmission and data reception.

6 Summary

Innovation of this paper is the design of the serial communication software using JAVA language, the successful solution of the bottom part of the system resources because the serial port, most closely integrated with the system, in order to develop cross-platform software, the problem is difficult to achieve, through the different system customized to the different JAVA VM to provide a unified interface; followed by selection of the design of dot matrix character lcd display module 1602 series, which has the character dot matrix character generator module itself, displayed large capacity, feature-rich; Finally, the PC software programming interface for the control of LCM, thereby avoiding the LCM display by changing the source code to change the function. Since the first year of implementation of the project, and create economic benefits over 68 million.

Benefits Of Unified Communication In A Globalised Economy

Globalisation has played a vital role in changing the pattern of economic activities in a developing country like Malaysia. It has led towards economic growth that has brought about tremendous changes in wealth distribution and business expansion in the country. With the help of globalisation, firms have developed better access towards the markets of developed countries. Malaysian companies have clients based across the globe and export their goods in all parts of the world. Such firms can use unified communication (UC) solutions to keep a close tab on all their branches and employees and interact with overseas clients.

Unified communication and collaboration suites enable organisations to streamline the business communication process efficiently and effectively. This collaborative solution combines email, instant message, conferences, web and audio conferencing, voicemail, business telephone, video and fax. It integrates applications, data and voice on a common interface so that users can access the requisite content; send and receive messages; and collaborate optimally. UC enables workers to access and manage all messages, generate voice mail messages and send the same as attachments.

In this globalised economy, travelling has become a necessity for exploring new market opportunities. Face-to-face interactions with colleagues, associates and clients are the most effective way of communicating and negotiating and closing deals. However, with the help of audio and video conferencing tools such as integrated communication solutions, users can enjoy visual communication with the target audience without leaving their desks.

Companies based in Hong Kong can customise such unified collaboration and communication suites to render a tailor-made collaboration experience for their associates. They can also use these collaboration tools for conveying a professional image in front of potential customers, vendors, investors etc. Branding, welcome messages, hold music are some of the features that can be customised by a company in UC solutions.

Unified communication solutions enable users to interact with other team members or associates with the help of laptops, desktops, Smartphones and tablet computers from anywhere in the world. Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) understand that the corporate audience is migrating towards mobile gadgets rapidly and have developed apps that allow users to set up or join an event at a moments notice using their handheld device.

Integrated communication suites helps in increasing customer responsiveness and enhancing the productivity level of employees. This in turn enhances the client satisfaction levels, helping in retaining them, thereby improving customer loyalty and goodwill in the market, a valuable asset in the international market. Therefore, it can be said that implementing UC solutions in their communication infrastructures will help Malaysian companies in streamlining operations, lowering costs and earning goodwill.

California Lemon Law Complaint Forms

California Lemon Law is a collective term that represents various legal codes. These are broadly prescribed by the Civil Code Section 1790-1790.4 – (Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) and Civil Code Section 1793.22 – (Tanner Consumer Protection Act), statutes by the California Attorney General’s Office and others.

Once an attorney has told you under which code your case falls under, you will need to gather the documentation for your vehicles defects. These documents should describe the problems with transmission, brakes, paint, engine, electrical fixtures, etc. in detail. You will also need a repair invoice history, a service record, the paperwork related to the original purchase of the vehicle (particularly the sales contract), the vehicles owner manual and the warranty covering it.

You will then have to fill out a questionnaire/interactive complaint form from the Californian Motor Vehicle Warranty Rights Act department. After this is submitted and approved, you will receive a form that outlines eligibility parameters. If you have hired an attorney, most of the paperwork is processed by the law office.

To initiate the process of a claim under the California Lemon Law, your attorney will need to draft a demand letter to the manufacturer. This will inform the manufacturer that you are initiating a legal process for breach of express and/or implied warranty. A copy of this should be sent to the Consumer Affairs Department and/or Attorney General.

The forms that will eventually need to be filled may include the:

Office of Consumer Protection Complaint Form

Lemon Law Complaint Form

Generic online complaint form (to be downloaded, filled out and submitted to initiate a claim under California Lemon Law.)

Forms to outline the purchase and repair history of the vehicle, also downloadable.

All forms should also be available at the:

New Motor Vehicle Board –

Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair

Department of Motor Vehicles Bureau of Investigations –

Local District Attorney’s Office

Office of the Attorney General, Public Inquiry Unit –

Auto Check-in System Helps Improve Customer Service

When planning a trip, have you ever worried about what would happen if you arrived late to your motel? What if you missed some airline connections and you arrived at your destination in the middle of the night? Would you still be able to check in?

All of these questions are moot if the motel where you are staying has an automated check-in kiosk. These kiosks are no bigger than ATM machines and they allow the customer to check-in 24 hours a day, thus eliminating the need for 24 hour front desk help or frantic phone calls to the motel manager in the midnight hours because the door is locked.

This technology can also ease the mind of those travelers who do not have motel reservations yet need to stop and rest for the night. Rather than passing multiple motels with the No Vacancy signs lit up because the motel owners cannot afford to hire a nighttime desk clerk, the Vacancy sign can be left on and the travelers can check themselves in and get a good nights rest before continuing their trip.

Campground and RV park owners also see a cost-savings benefit to using automated check-in. Not only can they save by not hiring a nighttime check-in clerk but they can help other campers and do maintenance on the park during daylight hours without worrying about campers passing by because no one is at the front gate to check them in.

Using the automated check-in system is very simple. The LCD screen displays questions and the traveler then pushes keypad buttons to choose the correct answers. These machines are incredibly efficient and can accommodate travelers who speak English, Spanish, German or French. Many self-sufficient travelers never need to bother a front desk clerk if they are using the automated check-in system because the system accepts payments from the major credit cards and it also produces the room keys and necessary parking passes.

Although it may seem strange for the hospitality industry to use inanimate machines to welcome their guests, many guests who have used the automated check-in system actually raved about its simplicity and preferred this process over standing in line behind other tired travelers. Not only is it quick but using this technology gives the impression that the owner is keeping up with the times and values his business.

Many motels do keep someone nearby in case travelers have questions while using the automated check-in system. This is often accomplished with a call system and a phone next to the kiosk so that staff can continue to fulfill other motel needs but still be available to assist incoming guests when needed.

Obviously, the hospitality industry relies heavily on customer service to maintain and grow their businesses. While the traditional service of greeting each guest as they arrive is still preferable, offering a reliable and hi-tech alternative such as automated check-in will keep customers happy. And a happy customer is one who will tell friends and family about the great experience.

Agricultural Land Property Purchasing In Bangalore Law Information

Before purchasing any sites especially agriculture land for non agriculture purpose approval under relevant laws viz. Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961, the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 along rules and other provisions of law is must. And Bangalore Metropolitan Regional development Authority (BMRDA) is regulating authority to approve layouts on outskirts of Bangalore.
Clear title and documentation are hard to come by with agricultural land of Bangalore (Karnataka). The following is a useful checklist of documents for review by a Bangalore law firm / lawyer before purchasing Agricultural land:
Mother deed and sale deed: It is very important document to trace the ownership of agriculture land. And it is basic document that shows how the property at the commencement was acquired there after there will be series of transactions such as sale gift law in Bangalore etc.

Akarbandi: Land topography sketch issued by State Revenue Authority viz. survey department. It establishes the survey number and to whom the particular survey number was originally allotted and the land / property revenue assessment details.

Encumbrance Certificate: Certificate from State Revenue Authority stating that there is no lien on the land / property (Has to be obtained for the last 30 years)

Family Tree of the vendor: State Revenue Authority document required to ascertain whether other family members have a stake in the property

Saguvali Chit: It is also called Grant Certificate. This is issued on Form No..VII in case of grant of Govt. land to the eligible persons for cultivation. This establishes title of the persons in the Saguvali Chit to the land granted.
Conversion Order: Conversion certificate has to be obtained for non agriculture purpose & that has to be checked to determine whether it is DC converted or not.
Khata and up to date Tax-paid receipts: Khata in Form MAR 19 (issued prior to 19. 05.2003) along up to date Tax-paid receipts.
Land Acquisition Status: Endorsements from State Revenue Authority certifying the Govt. acquisition status for the property for instance Notification by B.D.A. or KIADB for acquisition.

Mutation Extracts: History of changes in ownership (for 30 years) as documented in the Khatha Certificates issued by the State Revenue Authority. This is an extract from the mutation register maintained by the village property accountant.

NIL Tenancy Certificate/Form No.7 Endorsement: State Revenue Authority certification stating whether the land has any tenants. This issued by the Tasildar. This endorsement certifies that there no tenancy cases pending in respect of property in question as per the KLR act 1961.

Podi Extracts: Property partition document among siblings if any.

Property Tax Paid Receipt: Latest tax receipt validating that the property tax status is current.

RTC (Record of Rights) / Phani: This is primary record issued by the villager Accountant. It contains details of Survey number, total extent of land property, names of the owner including details as to conversion of land from agriculture to non- agriculture property. (has to be obtained for the last 30 years as per Bangalore law)
Section 79A & B endorsement U/KLR Act, 1961: These are issued by Tahsildar. These endorsement certifies that there no cases pending against the person owning the agriculture land / property.
Village Survey Map: Land location sketch
Patta Book: This book contains information regarding the payment of land revenue and other Govt. dues & information of cultivation. And also contains a copy of the record of rights to the land / property situated in Bangalore.
Tippani: This issued by the Survey Dept. It shows a sketch of the land as the records of the survey Dept.
Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), Zonal Regulation Map and Survey Map. Apart from the above property should not come within the Green Belt Area.

Customer Is Not The King- It’s The Competition That Makes Him The King

You have all heard that “Customer is King.” However, Once upon a time, in India, there was a company called Pal Automobiles which used to make Fiat cars (I think under license with Fiat). Later the same car was branded as Padmini. At one point of time, there were only three car brands in India Padmini, Ambassador and Standard. Padmini used to sell at a huge premium. There was a waiting list of nearly 5-6 years. The Padmini brand was a premium brand.

Today, the company, the brand and the car does not exist anymore.
Why? Well most of you will come up with numerous reasons for failure of Padmini car including old technology, customer dissatisfaction, ineffective marketing strategy, high price, ineffective top management and poor quality. But none of these are the reasons why the company and the brand failed. I am sure you are astonished and maybe perplexed. You must be thinking that you have listed out probably all the reasons why products fail and still not hit bulls eye.

In order to explain to you the reason behind the failure of the company and brand, let me add a twist to this scenario by stating that I can bring Padmini car to its original glory, that is, you will have to wait for years to get the car as well as pay a premium for it. I will do this by not changing anything with respect to Padmini Car’s quality, price, production technique, positioning, advertising and strategy. I will not even visit the company’s offices or manufacturing facility. However, for me to achieve this, I will take just one action.

I know what you must be thinking. This guy is crazy. I hate to disappoint you but I think I am quite sane.

The one action that I will take to bring back Padmini car to its original glory is that I will remove all the competition that came later. After I have removed all the competitors who came later, you will have just three brands of cars to choose from, that is, Ambassador, Padmini and Standard. Just like before, with only three brands to choose from, don’t you think we will be back to a market situation where we will again start paying premium for a poor quality car? We, as customers, will have no choice. If we want to buy a car, we will have to choose from one of the three brands available.

I am sure you must be thinking, this guy is really crazy. How can we remove competition? You are right as well as wrong. You are wrong because I still claim that I am not crazy. You are right because I agree that we cannot remove competition. To bring out the importance of competition, I had no choice but to find an interesting way to get your attention and at the same time highlight the importance of competition to your business as well as for your success in your professional career.

Padmini car failed not because its customers one day decided that enough is enough and that we will not buy a poor quality car and pay premium for the same. At this time, customers were not the proverbial “Kings.” At that point of time, they were beggars. They had no choice but to buy any one of the three models offered by the manufacturers at that time. Customer was certainly not the “King,” Customers became more powerful once other car manufacturers like Maruti, Daewoo, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai entered the Indian car market and offered better options to the customer. Now with a host of new car models available, customers could truly exercise their power. After the competition gave more choices to the customer, customer truly became the “King.” He exercised his right to not to buy the Padmini car because better quality cars were now available. So you can see that it was the competition that brought about the failure of Padmini cars by making better choices available. Customer was not the “king” before the competition arrived. He became the “King” after the competition arrived and gave choices to the customer to exercise his power as a customer.

Same thing happened to Cielo car when it was introduced in India by Daewoo Motors. It was the first luxury premium car introduced in India and it was a success. If I remember right, Daewoo Motors was selling nearly 1000 cars a month. At this time there was no competition. However, as soon as Ford, General Motors and Honda introduced their models in the same segment as Cielo, Cielo also disappeared. Extending my crazy thought process to this example, that is, removing the competition that came after Cielo, would result in Cielo selling again in similar numbers and even more.

Competition is what makes the customer “king.” Competition is what makes your life as an entrepreneur and professional executive hell. But we do not give competition the importance it deserves while formulating our strategies.

It is surprising that most marketing books never talked about competition in the way that they should have. The marketing book that I had to go through while I did my MBA at the University of Illinois in 1987 did not even have a chapter on competition. At that time, I don’t think any marketing book had a chapter on competition. Now I believe Philip Kotler’s book on marketing has a chapter on competition.

I hope that you now believe that it is the competition that makes our life difficult and gives us sleepless nights. So when you are looking for solutions to your business problems, think of the competition.

Customer Guides Finding A Quality Contractor and Energy Washing Tips

Strength washing is the software of high stress drinking water spray. Some of the most well-known providers include the cleansing of concrete patios, sidewalks, decks, house siding, entrance techniques, and driveways. In the hands of a skilled pressure washing particular person, the outcomes can be astonishing, and well value the purchase.

However, in the hands of an unqualified man or woman, the results can be quite devastating. Drinking water this powerful has the strength to minimize wood and injury most surfaces. In the hands of the unskilled, the threat of injury is drastically enhanced, if not unavoidable. For house owners previously unaware of this risk, it has value them dearly. Don’t fall victim to this./p>

Pressure washing requires Ability and Knowledge. No typical Joe can move the spray wand much more accurately, much more routinely, and a lot more properly, than the qualified energy washing expert. Fall short to understand the skill of the trade and you might be placing by yourself up for undesirable dissatisfaction and expensive damage.

Obtaining a Skilled Strength Washing Professional.

Educate Your self. This is the primary defense in safeguarding by yourself from below-skilled and bad top quality jobs. As soon as the client understands a services and what is concerned, they will be well outfitted to distinquish lower-rate careers from top quality workmanship. Recognize the probability for hurt exists, and reduce-fee functionality increases your exposure to costly repairs. Knowing what is concerned is your safety.

Teach Your self -Family members, Buddies, and Neighbors. There are numerous approaches of educating oneself. Initial of which, is to seek advice from your buddies, family, and neighbors. It may be that some of them are currently acquainted with the service you need. They might already be educated of the software, procedures, outcomes, and liabilities of your predicament. They might even refer you to a certified contractor. Similarly, they may possibly advise you to stay away from a certain enterprise that is notorious for bad services.

Teach Your self -The Internet. There is a prosperity of data pertaining to power washing on the Internet. This web page and several others offer details for each the home owner and the expert. Verify strain washing property pages, consumer teams, and bulletin boards. All of these will help. Just kind “electrical power washing” or “strain washing” in any significant research engine or check out the other customer guides furnished by Carved Stone Publications to get oneself started out.

Educate Yourself -Keep Your Eyes Open. As you commute across city, retain your eyes open for pressure washing specialists at function. Will not be frightened to method them and inquire about their services. This is an excellent time to see the approach of power washing at work as well as to inquire any inquiries you could have. Most strength washing contractors should be extremely excited to reveal their services, its strengths and its restrictions.

Educate Your self -Chat to the Pros. Refer to your Yellow pages (Deck Cleaning, Stress Washing, Electrical power Washing, Water Strain Cleaning, etc.) and any other ads you may possibly encounter. From these, speak to numerous stress washing contractors, inquiring about service, consultation, and estimates. Even if you acquire a gorgeous flier on your doorstep, be confident to get in touch with other contractors. This is your biggest safety. Speak to many contractors, asking them certain queries on service, procedures, anticipated outcomes, and prospects for hurt. Together you will obtain a much more full image of the service, weeding out apparent inconsistencies in services.

Meet the Contractor In the course of the Estimate. Meet the contractor experience-to-deal with during the estimate. By carrying out this, you and the contractor will get the time to consider the internet site jointly. This betters the channels of communication among the two events, and reduces mistakes in the estimating method. Apart from improved communication, this is maybe the finest way to judge the character and all round presentation of the stress washing contractor.

Risks and Anticipated Outcomes. A competent contractor will consider the time to review your site, inquire concerns and seek out out regions of issue. They will listen to your each phrase and interpret the services you want and expect. In flip, they will also assessment with you, the strengths and restrictions of their support.

Get Created Estimates. Having a in depth published estimate protects equally you (the buyer) and the stress washing contractor. It need to explicitly state the wanted service, expected outcome and comprehensive costing in time and materials. Maintain in head, a lot less expense can suggest (and most likely does imply) significantly less top quality and service. Generally, you get what you spend for.

Techniques Listing. For popular and frequently demanded cleaning employment (i.e., deck cleaning/refinishing), a strain washing contractor may possibly provide a techniques listing. This quick listing outlines the steps that will be taken throughout your particular task. It could be a separate sheet or aspect of the estimate. In either situation, this can be a really valuable tool in comparing one particular services to one more, comprehension the total method, analyzing price comparisons, and weeding out possible reduced high quality support providers.

Request for a Demonstration. This is not usually essential, but if you are not sure about work final result or expectations, a demonstration of a support could settle your thoughts. Make a demonstration necessary if you can not be current at career start off-up or if the services has handful of work satisfaction policies. As a note, demonstrations take an tremendous volume of time from the contractor. Usually they will attempt to forgo demonstrations, asking the consumer to be on-website during the estimate and/or job startup in buy for you to examine perform functionality. This is not unheard of. Top quality pressure washing contractors are in large desire and are extremely hectic. They are just attempting to make the total procedure a lot more time-efficient. If you are dissatisfied, will not hesitate in telling them so. In the lengthy operate you will have saved them equally time and hard work.

Inquire about Gear. Is it owed or rented? Owed or leased gear is proof of a prolonged expression commitment to the subject of strain washing. Renting exhibits only an occasional require for devices. Also ask about the extent or strength of their devices. For most stress washing careers they will have products ranging at 11-fifteen HP (horsepower, strength), 3000-4000 PSI (pound per square inch, force) and 3-five GPM (gallons per minute, movement). While for the most, they will not be employing their products at complete power, devices of this caliber supplies the head area and adequacy for performing organization. A rating of 2000 PSI and 2 GPM or less, is a residential grade of devices. It will not execute at the degree of undertaking company (achievable evidence of a substandard services provider).

Get Referrals. These supply the consumer with a comprehensive track record of a contractors previous operate experience. Just remember, a pressure washing company is called to perform any amount of distinct cleaning companies. Whether it be siding, decks, sidewalks, gutters, patios, or driveways, be sure the referrals and references you acquire are representative of the service you need. For instance, an individual searching for deck cleaning need to obtain deck cleaning referrals, not vinyl siding cleaning. As for a range of referrals, the much more the greater, but six-twelve really should suffice. And never overlook, as soon as you have the referrals, use them. Request specific inquiries about top quality, workmanship, anticipated results, cleansing methods, enterprise character, and satisfaction.

Satisfaction and Billing Policies. A quantity of power washing organizations give several policies that help make certain consumer satisfaction. A single of which, is the suspension of billing till task completion and buyer satisfaction. Inquire the contractor, in the function of buyer dissatisfaction, what their policy is.

Insurance coverage. Check out to see if your contractor carries liability insurance plan. A qualified stress washing contractor, recognizing their responsibility, will have taken the time to shield the two on their own and their customers from possible on-internet site accidents, injury, or harm.

Be Existing at Task Duration and Completion. This is your way of observing operate activity as it can take place. It offers you an concept of what is involved in strain washing and permits to see cleaning benefits as they arise. Very usually, the final results in cleansing are exceptional and the customer really should encounter this procedure very first hand. You really see the effectiveness and price of the service for which you will be spending. It settles the mind, knowing you have obtained very good services for your hard earned dollar. Being current also makes it possible for you to head off any difficulties and catch any areas that may be missed or enhanced on. A contractor is considerably happier to improve this sort of locations (ensuring satisfaction) during the job, than to return later on in the potential. Returning consumes massive time and hard work for which the contractor is possibly not finding compensated. Once more one more advantage for each events.


A high quality strength washing specialist will have a number of crucial traits. Initial, they know what they are carrying out. They are familiar with their services, the industry, and what’s involved in each and every. 2nd, they havethe sources in devices, talent, expertise, and expertise to do the job you desire. They perform their task with high quality workmanship and professionalism. They are responsible for the operate they provide and are committed in subsequent through on excellent and satisfaction. They consider wonderful care and pride in the service they supply. In all, the quality power washing expert looks to build prolonged phrase relationships with their clientele. They are current the two now and in the future for adhere to-up and continued support. They will not abandon their customers, by no means to be heard of or noticed once again. Generally, in pride, they stand behind the function they do.

Our business wishes the best in locating a skilled electrical power washing services. We welcome the input of those who seek out to improve our market and help the fellow client. Thank you.

Electrical power Washing is an superb technique of of removing dirt, mildew and mildew which will cause the deterioration of your houses exterior surfaces. Whether or not your property is wood frame, brick, siding or stucco strength washing will clear and restore its authentic attractiveness and remove ugly stains.

Deck wood on patios turns a greyish shade soon after currently being uncovered to a severe Chicago winter season for a few of decades. Energy washing will expose the splendor of the normal wood grain which is being masked by dirt, tree sap etc.

This cleaning will also curtail premature wood rot and decay which would be much much more expensive to treatment. Energy washing is also effective for cleansing concrete. Regardless of whether you are attempting to clear your patio stairs or walkway its appearance will greatly improve soon after electrical power washing.

Aluminum and vinyl siding can also retain its new appear by on a regular basis strength washing it with a gentle detergent. Siding is meant to be a life time improvement to the exterior of your property(lower servicing) so why not take care as these with a normal cleansing schedule (when or two times every single few of a long time).

Energy washing can be quite effective in removing deposits prior to a painting task on the exterior of your home.

The longevity of your new paint career will be tremendously enhanced simply because the sub surface area was properly cleaned and ready. A gentle cleansing in the decades to arrive of your new paint job will also lengthen the life span of that new paint function. A-one Window Cleansing &amp Strength Washing CO. We are situated in Moberly, MO. serving Mid-Missouri and Central Missouri area.

Copyright &copy 2001, LLC.
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Benefits Of Good Customer Service

Customer service (also known as Client Service) is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a Purchase. According to Turban et al, 2002, Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. Its importance varies by product, industry and customer. As an example, an expert customer might require less pre-purchase service (i.e., advice) than a novice. In many cases, customer service is more important if the purchase relates to a service as opposed to a product.

Customer service may be provided by a person (e.g., sales and service representative), or by automated means called self-service. Examples of self service are Internet sites.Customer service is normally an integral part of a company customer value proposition. Some argue that the quality and level of customer service has decreased in recent years, which can be attributed to a lack of support or understanding at the executive and middle management levels of a corporation and missing of a customer service policy. A service is the diametrically opposed non material counterpiece of a physical good.

A service provision comprises a sequence of activities that does not result in ownership of the outcome, and this is what fundamentally differentiates it from furnishing someone with physical goods. Service provision is a process that creates possessions predetermined benefits by effectuating either a change of service consumers, a change in their physical , [disambiguation needed] or a change in their (in)tangible assets. In the field of marketing, a customer value proposition consists of the sum total of benefits which a vendor promises that a customer will receive in return for the customer’s associated payment (or other value-transfer). In simple words: value proposition = what the customer gets for what the customer pays.

Accordingly, a customer can evaluate a company’s value-proposition on two broad dimensions with multiple subsets, relative performance: what the customer gets from the vendor relative to a competitor’s offering, price: which consists of the payment the customer makes to acquire the product or service, plus the access cost. A customer service advisor, or CSA, (also customer service associate and customer service representative) is a generic job title in the service industry. It covers a variety of customer facing occupations, primarily in call centres and stores. he dichotomy between physical goods and intangible services should not be given too much credence. These are not discrete categories.

Most business theorists see a continuum with pure service on one terminal point and pure commodity good on the other terminal point [citation needed] Most products fall between these two extremes. For example, a restaurant provides a physical good (the food), but also provides services in the form of ambience, the setting and clearing of the table, etc. And although some utilities actually deliver physical goods like water utilities which actually deliver water utilities are usually treated as services.

Business Website Upgrade – Connect To Wider Customer Network

Having an online presence has various benefits outlining. With the size of screens changing from desktop to laptop and now to Smartphone, it is essential to upgrade your business website accordingly to suit the screen size of the device.

The up gradation service calls for continuous improvement thereby offering a wide range of services. However, such tasks if outsourced from the professional website designers, can offer essential client support, web page optimisation, website analytics, improvement in overall website design and functionality.ty.

The various benefits arising out of business website upgrade are-

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Credit Repair Law Firms are Scams

There are hundreds of law firms out there that specialize in credit repair. I may get sued for writing this, but it’s my opinion that credit repair law firms like Lexington Law are scams. Here’s why:

Problem #1: Ridiculous Monthly Charges Lexington currently charges a $99 setup fee and anywhere from $39 to $79 every month that they work on your file. Since they charge monthly, the longer they take to repair your credit, the more money they make. In fact, some credit law firms tell you that it could take a year, two years, or even three years ($567 to $2,000), which is why they’re getting very rich.

Why pay $2,000 or even $500, when there are excellent credit repair programs available for less than $100?

Problem #2: You Do Most of the Work Here’s a dirty little secret that credit law firms don’t want you to know: you still have to do most of the work yourself–more work, in fact, than when you use credit repair software (more about that later).

In addition to all the paperwork you have to fill out and get notarized, you must request your own credit reports. Since the credit bureaus mail all documents to you, you will be constantly copying them, putting them into another envelope, and sending them to the law firm. You might have to do this five or six times every week.

The credit repair law firm will then scan your credit reports and post them on the web (security issues?) Then, believe it or not, even with all the money you’re paying to the law firm, you still have to go to their website and choose for yourself which items you want to dispute and even how to challenge each negative credit item.

All the law firm does is print out form letters that they send to the credit bureaus. Doesn’t it make you a little uncomfortable knowing that the longer they take, the more money they make?

Problem #3: Crappy Guarantee All they have to do is remove one credit card inquiry and they consider that they’ve done their job, so there’s no money back even if 99% of your credit report is still negative after three years and $2,000.

As you can see, these law firms are often nothing more than letter-printing factories that make more money the longer they take. So why pay so much money to get such little service? Especially since its possible to accomplish the same goal with much less work at a fraction of the cost. There is a better alternative to using credit repair law firms like Lexington Law.

Avert The Trivial Mistakes In Customer Support

The real business investment lies in making your customers happy and creating a trust about your overall service which is ultimately important to survive in the business world. Hence, customer service is the crucial factor plays a vital role in business development. No matter if you run a small business or a large scale industry, your customer is the king who makes the business thrive or take a nose dive. In this article, I have highlighted the barrier which affects customer service seriously. These are all the stuffs you have to give high preference and take necessary steps to get rid of that.

Petty things also create huge problems. Hence, you should take each and everything into your consideration. Greeting your customer with a pleasant smile, saying “Hello” to your customer within 5 seconds, answer their queries to the best of your ability would make your customers happy. This might be monotonous in a high traffic business yet it is important.

Being inaccessible to the customer:

Customers would feel pathetic if they need to runaround for a simple assistance and it creates a bad impact about your service as well. Hence, always customer support representative should be the first person to attend their queries and take responsibility to assist them through out.

Promoting the best customer service person to management:

It does not mean that the CSE or CSR should be in the same level but we can avoid them pushing into the management department. They are best in handling the customers and they better serve the company upfront rather than sitting behind the door. They have to get promoted to the next level that may be as a trainer or customer support manager and they are capable of getting a considerable raise in their salary as well.

They would have more personal experience being a CSE and they will be able to provide effective training to other workers. It is good to keep them as a first contact rather than hiding them in an office.

Attend to the complaint calls:

Complaint calls are the opportunity for you to correct your mistakes and sometimes it would help us to know the expectation of the customers. Hence, do not hesitate to handle complaint calls. Let your customer know that you are having concern to resolve the issue. Apologies and sympathize for the inconvenience caused. Do not just end the issue with the refund. Always have a friendly touch with your customer. Ask sorry for the inconvenience, even you know that the customer is wrong.

This would make them to feel satisfied and will be telling this to their friends as well. They would extensively appreciate your service, if you resolve the complaint and helped them in a quick turn around time.

Lack of attention:

You should provide your 100% mental attention when you are speaking with your customer. Continuously asking for the spelling of their names or pronouncing the spelling or names incorrectly would make them tired. Do not ask unnecessary or silly questions to them. It is required to get the details properly at the same time you should not probe them repeatedly. To achieve this, you should concentrate completely on the task you are doing.

Customer Retention:

Customer retention is also important to endure the business competition. We cannot decide that the sales came to an end by placing an order or completing the payment. It is also important how the sale is handled as this will ultimately determine the next order from the same customer. Do not just work for the sale comes in, always your work should pitch for the next order. There are lot of bureaucratic delays may happen but call the customer and explain the situation clearly and make sure that they are 100% happy.

The customer loyalty is built on each trivial thing you do. A pleasant smile, saying “hi”, asking sorry and a “Thank you for waiting” etc are also counts. These are the things that create nice impression on the customer. The above points are the common mistakes that most of the customer service department do. Good customer support is always significant. It is really important to create a positive attitude on your customer by exceeding their expectations.

Creating A Marketing Campaign for Personal Injury Law Firms

The subject of a marketing campaign is not something that people connect to the practice of law. Yet, people continually come in contact with advertisements for personal injury legal services all the time. Even peripherally, advertisements can help establish the reputation of a law firm in the minds of potential clients.

That is why law firms need to take the deliberate steps to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy. This can be done with an in-house team or through procuring the services of a professional marketing firm. Prior to doing either of these steps, the firms management needs to become aware of a few of the basics of advertising as it relates to the promotion of a law firm.

Law Firm Advertising-Brief
Generally, advertisements appeared in the local Yellow Pages or in business-to-business directories. In time, certain law firms opted to expand into radio, television, and print advertising. Basically, all law firms require a website. Any law firm without a website will be at a serious disadvantage since many clients will look online for a practicing attorney in their area.

When publishing a website, search engine optimization of the website is a must. More importantly, the right approach to implementing a marketing campaign must be selected. Some firms may handle their advertising in-house while others will outsource such tasks to marketing professionals. First and foremost, the law firm needs to definitively decide on the size and scope of the marketing campaign they wish to undertake. Rather, the firm needs to decide on the scope of the advertising and then hire the appropriate personnel to handle the duties.

Law firms that opt to handle their own marketing in house will need to hire professionals that understand what is required to develop an effective marketing campaign. Amateurs should never handle such tasks or the advertising campaign will falter. In some instances, an in-house employee could be responsible for overseeing the work performed by freelancers. That is, if the firm is interested in an expansive online marketing campaign, then freelancers would be hired to perform the duties determined by the in-house person in charge of operations. The option for outsourcing to a marketing firm is preferred by many. Keep in mind, however, that when you procure the services of an outside firm, your input may be somewhat limited. Ultimately, you will have final say on what type of advertising campaign is performed but the marketing firm will have a great deal of leeway and creative license to devise the campaign. Generally, the law firm execs would sit down with representatives of the marketing firm and discuss goals, strategies, and budgets. The marketing firm would then come up with a plan of action, which the law firm would need to give the “go ahead” to be implemented.

Contracting out all duties to a marketing firm takes a tremendous amount of weight off the shoulders of the law firm. Whether in-house or outsourced, the goal is to raise the publics awareness of the firm and draw the attention of potential clients. A quality marketing campaign may very well deliver on all expectations in this regard.

Cosmic Laws To Follow For Your Wishes To Come True

First Law
You must give in order to receive. This is one of the most important cosmic laws that you must remember and above all put into practice everyday. The Mystics call it the “Law of AMRA”. Give generously to those who are less fortunate than yourself. A few coins, some belongings you do not need anymore but might be useful to someone else.

The Universe loves this kind of kind-hearted gesture and will reward your gift many times over. Money and material possessions need to circulate through you as a kind of intermediary. If you are too selfish, this hinders the circulation of the material possessions. If you do not give (even a small amount) the things that you yourself would like to receive, then somewhere it is likely to be blocked and not able to reach you.

Second Law
Your demand should remain in touch with reality. Do not try to claim something that already belongs to somebody else, or that your resources will not allow you to possess (unless you suddenly become a millionaire).

Third Law
Your demand should help others as well as yourself. A purely egoistical demand is never recognized by the Cosmic Powers.

Fourth Law
Your demand should genuinely fulfil a need of your own or of someone else. Wanting to have an object just to dazzle or impress is not approved of by the Cosmic Powers.

Fifth Law
Do not try to determine when and how your request will be granted. Only the Cosmic Powers know what timing and circumstances will be the most favourable to you.

Sixth Law
The time factor plays a very important role in the fulfillment of your request. Always be patient as you continue to express your desire to the Cosmic Powers. And be persistent, whatever obstacles you may encounter. It could well be that the Cosmic Powers want to put your faith and your perseverance to the test, before granting you your wish.

Seventh Law
Whenever you feel some kind of inspiration, a premonitory dream or any form of internal impression, act on it immediately. And likewise, if you notice any coincidences, or any kind of external signs that seem to be pointing to a solution or at least the beginnings of a solutions.

Feminism And Feminist Research Methodology In Law


Feminism has been part of society for over a century. This phenomenon was responsible for social change through challenging the inherent biases and oppressions against women. However, in the field of law, feminism became an instrumental aspect only after the Critical Legal Studies movement in the nineteen eighties. This emerged as an instrumental part of law because it was responsible for bridging the discourse that was existent in law with regard to women issues.

This particular essay shall focus on two specific elements of law i.e. feminist legal theory and feminist legal research. The paper will examine the portions that constitute these two aspects and what makes them interconnected. In other words, an examination of how legal feminism as a concept affects feminist legal research will be done.

Aims of feminist legal scholarship
Feminist legal scholars argue for a renewed dimension of research. They claim that gender recognitions had not been made in the past and that there is a need for adoption of a different phenomenon known as emancipator research. In other words, they are claiming that legal work needs to reflect the challenges affected by both sexes rather than merely focusing on the needs and perspectives of a universal experience. Radical legal feminists argue that mens experiences have always been treated as neutral or universal while female experiences are regarded as private or even negative. Consequently, these group of legal feminists claim that there should be a radical transformation in law by accepting and changing power roles in the profession.

Feminist research in law has been treated as something that lacks objectivity by opponents to this phenomenon. However, legal feminist researchers claim that objectivity is in fact a term coined by non feminists in an attempt to hide womens own subjectivity in law. Consequently, these proponents argue that research should not be treated as devoid off subjects. Instead, there should be an emphasis on the experiences and the actual challenges that subjects undergo in their everyday lives. Additionally, the latter adherents also claim that the utilisation of models during the research process is another way of forgetting the subject and thus renders such researches invalid.

Distinctive features about feminist approaches to the study of law and how it compares to other approaches in the course
Feminist legal theory is founded upon the premise that the law has been central in depicting historical subordination of women. There are two ways in which feminist legal theory can be treated the first is with regard to jurisprudence in which the law can be perceived as something that has been oppressive to the female gender. The second aspect is with regard to the transformation of societys perception of women through the law or through a reworking of the law.

This approach to the study of law is different from other arenas owing to the fact that it challenges the way the rights based approach to law or the liberal values in law are dealt with. The latter approach is synonymous with the liberal equality model of law. Here, greater emphasis is given to the issue of genuine rights accorded to the different genders rather than some of the conventional rights that have been accorded in the past to women. Through this school of thought, it is possible to see that there are certain links between injustice and gender.

Feminist approach to law has also been instrumental in understanding that there are real differences between the genders and that these differences need not be obscured by the law. Instead, feminists assert that these differences should be brought to the table. The latter school of thought is held by sexual difference model adherents. However, the latter model is not synonymous to other feminists who claim that in order to ensure historic preclusion by the law is completely eradicated, then there must be treatment of both sexes as equal. These proponents hold that when the differences between the genders have been emphasised, then chances are that the very characteristics that have precluded women in the eyes of the law will be perpetuated.

The latter approaches to the study of law have also been instrumental in providing an understanding of some of the dominance related issues that exist in law as put forward by dominance model adherents. It should be noted that these feminists believe that society is inherently unjust. They assert that women have been oppressed and dominated by their male counterparts for a long time and that this has prevented them from achieving their full rights. However, the latter argument has been criticised by feminists themselves who claim that the dominance model treats the woman as a recipient rather than an agent of change. She is seen as someone who cannot control her own destiny or someone whose world is shaped by external agents.

Through the anti-essentialist model of feminist legal theory, it is possible to comprehend some of the axes of oppression that exist within society as related to women. This is because the latter model holds that there can be no particular voice that can represent the general experiences of women. Instead, greater emphasis should be given to subordination issues as related to race, sexual orientation or class against the background of feminist ideals.

All the latter schools of thought are quite distinct from other approaches to law because they bring out the fact that there is a need to incorporate gender in the study of law. On top of that, they also emphasise the importance of looking at the law from another perspective i.e. as being subjective rather than being objective.

Bartletts evaluation of the three theories of knowledge in feminist thinking
Bartlett believes that there are certain perspectives in feminist thinking that make them united. The first is that there are gendered components to certain areas of law that may even seem as though they were neutral. This is also brought out by the fact that most of these assertions had much to do with the way one operates in certain realms. Additionally, certain social, economic and political aspects have been hindering the full equality of the sexes. It can also be argued that most feminists believe that history has been unfair to them.

In other words, they believe that writing history from a male perspective has certain distortions in which the male standpoint is regarded as the norm while the female one is seen as a deviation. Feminists assert that sex should not be regarded as a basis upon which people behave in the manner that they do. This means that only physical appearance is determined by ones gender; other aspects such as psychological, moral or social traits are dependent on individuals and have very little to do with ones sex.

However, the latter author brings out the fact that there are indeed some serious differences between these feminists. He claims that traditional views reflect a conflicting perspective from the other perspectives. This is because the latter adherents argue that all women are rational and that they should be given the same opportunity as men. This author argues that the latter view has somehow lost relevance in the western world and in most developed nations of the latter world.

He also discusses how liberal feminists believe in being gender neutral. In other words, they assert that women need to be given equal opportunities in the marketplace without special considerations of any form of affirmative action. These adherents claim that there should be no consideration of gender differences and that these should be erased.

The latter school of thought brings out certain discourses that have been emphasised in the third perspective of feminism known as cultural feminism. Here, adherents claim that women tend to be more inclined to certain matters such as contexts, relationships, interpersonal positions among others. On the other hand, men tend to emphasise more on such issues as logic and rights. Consequently, the latter differences need to be recognised during applications within any particular profession. It can therefore be said that the three feminist schools of thought contradict one another as each one is presenting its own school of thought.

What the methods reveal that traditional doctrinal legal methods ignore
The first thing that emanates from feminist approaches to law is that there is a serious gap in representation from the two genders with one of them being overrepresented i.e. the male gender. Certain areas of law have reflected this aspect more than others. For instance, in international law, there are very few female representatives. Most of the time, these problems are highlighted by the fact that these state institutions have very few representatives. On top of the latter, even academic matters in international law mirror this discrepancy. Most of the time international law faculties are administered by males thus necessitating the need for affirmative action.

Feminist approaches to law have been particularly instrumental in depicting some traditional concepts in law. For instance, it has been shown that seemingly hard topics such as criminal law have lesser representation from women in comparison to their male counterparts. Additionally, softer legal fields have more representation. Examples here include
Family law
Reproductive rights
Sexual violence
Domestic violence
Gender relations
Property law
Workplace equality

Whenever one visits law firms specialising in these issues, then one is likely to find that the largest number of employees there are women. On the other hand, in seemingly tough areas of law such as international law, one is likely to find that the females working there are restricted to lower posts. Through these feminist approaches, it is also possible to understand where the concept of inequality stems from. Since women are rarely given the opportunity to govern their own home i.e. their very homes subordinate them, then chances are that the same thing is likely to happen in other public spheres. This is where the personal is political statement emanates from. It can therefore be argued that feminism has connected private lives with personal encounters.

Significance of gender as a basis for analysing social and legal issues
Gender is a crucial element of analysing legal and social issues owing to the fact that there are unique experiences that can be attributed to this gender. Some researches even add that most studies on gender reveal the fact that white middle class women have been the centre of attention while the experiences of other female groups have been treated as a side show. Most social and legal issues have been analysed through the male lens as little emphasis has been given to other unique experiences. Feminism is therefore instrumental in reflecting some of the diverse experiences that most of these women have undergone and some of them largely reflect their society; these include
Working class women
Women of colour
Lesbian women
Jewish women
Disabled women
Older women

Society usually presents certain forms of oppression that may be associated with the kind of division that one belongs to. However, gender issues are imperative in the analysis of these issues because they sometimes present double disadvantage for those who fall in two categories or they present a single disadvantage for women in general. It can therefore be asserted that there are certain commonalities that exist within the entire gender and there are also others that arise out of the differences that emanate from ones cultural context.

There is a certain level of collectiveness that can be assigned to some of these social or legal issues. For instance, it is a generally accepted fact that each society has its own bias. Consequently, the basic premise in feminist thought with regard to the personal is political reflect on the existence of certain personal challenges that women undergo in their daily lives that must then be considered as a collective challenge within a particular society. Since these challenges can be eliminated or at least reduced, gender studies are instrumental in bringing out some of the ways in which these revolutions can be carried out. It can therefore be asserted that a large share of some of these issues is subjective in nature but they can also take on a collective nature as well.

Gender is a crucial part of the analysis of legal and social issues owing to the fact that it does present an ideal way in which women can live their lives. Through gender reflections, it is possible to see certain frames of reference that societies impose upon women.

Additionally, it is possible to re-examine these references and see the way people can change the way they go about handling some of these issues without regard to any kind of dilemma presented to them. There is a political nature to everyday lives that feminists assert exists and this is what can be particularly instrumental in causing change within society.

Barriers to conducting critical social research as highlighted by Henn et al on legal issues and whether the law can accommodate female reasoning
Feminist legal scholarship challenges the traditional way of thinking in law and in any academic research process for that matter. It normally asserts that the theorist or the researcher is in fact a real person operating in a real setting.

Additionally, the process of theorising and understanding needs to be treated as a material activity rather than a perspective that lacks any kind of unanalysable trait. This means that traditional notions on the field that treat this process as being alienated from people is a big challenge. Besides these, feminist legal scholarships also attempt to emphasise the importance of performing the act of knowing. They usually claim that this process is just as important are the process of knowing itself.

It should also be noted that the initial aim of feminist legal scholarships was to include women as subject matters within particular researches. This means that the existing models and theories on these issues had to be challenged so as to ascertain that there was in deed adequate coverage of some of these realities. It can therefore be said that they wanted a more personal and subjective realm in the legal profession and that the manner in which this perspective was introduced had to be changed too. Most developments in feminist legal perspective centre on the recognition of the experiences of women and the forms of oppression that emanate as a result of their gender.

Whether feminism is a female only methodology
Feminism is not restricted to the female gender alone. This is largely because the central focus of feminism is on challenging social construction of gender. Therefore the various divisions that are associated with these constructions are considered as a crucial part of the phenomenon.

It should also be noted that there are a number of issues that are addressed in feminism that can affect either sexes and these include insubordination, inequality, power or domination. While a number of theories have been developed to reflect the centrality of men with regard to these issues, other disciplines in feminist thought have brought out the fact that economic and power struggles may not have been brought on by the role played by men in this regard. The central concern in feminist studies is to understand the concept of privilege and how this is constructed. In most circumstances, the latter may have nothing to do with the doings of women alone. Consequently, social constructions take greater precedence within this field owing to the fact that there are no clear or ideal definitions of personal challenges.

Feminism also studies oppression and inequality through the lens of other categories of individuals. Many sub branches in the field reflect upon the experiences of certain racial or ethnic minorities. Additionally, they look at the inequalities inherent in certain forms of sexual orientation or in particular economic activities such as within the corporate world or in the field of education. However, all these analyses are done against the background of the female gender. All in all, it can be asserted that feminism challenges different areas of society that are not just restricted to females alone.

Significance of the public/private divide in the organisation of society for feminists
Feminism as a movement has undergone rapid changes over the past three decades. During the nineteen seventies, it used to be considered as a form of activism. However, with the rise of the knowledge economy, this phenomenon rapidly transformed societys understanding of the personal as political. There have been a number of changes that were spread loosely over these past decades since feminism as a concept was accepted into the law profession.

Social liberalism was the first phase and it was largely characterised by the need to use political and social movements as drivers for social change. At that time, most developed nations were undergoing changes in their economies and so had family lives. Consequently, legal feminists focused on these aspects at the time. Additionally, women began being more involved in paid employment thus bringing about different challenges for the legal profession. In this regard, many feminists began addressing the problems facing female professionals.

Economic liberalism was the next transformation that society underwent. At that time, there were increased choices for the consumer and certain aspects of social democracy or liberalism began being embraced. In this regard, women continue facing contradictory roles in society. Consequently, legal feminism also addressed some of these plights and necessitated the adoption of certain kinds of mechanisms that would deal with these new issues. Thereafter, the neoliberal phase began setting in.

Here, the market economy was further developed with the incorporation of the term new managerialism into the equation. At that time, new political and social perspectives were introduced with particular emphasis on the third way. Consequently, it can be acclaimed that public services embraced private elements. Besides this, the issue of globalisation became very real in the world of feminists. In other words, legal feminist perspectives were now transforming into politics of the social and the personal in such arenas.

It can be asserted that there were certain instances in which some of the concepts largely associated with the private sector now became public. At the beginning of the feminist legal perspective, a common issue of emphasis was on the fact that the personal is in fact political. This meant that there were certain commonalities between the private lives of women that could be considered public in nature and that these could form the basis of feminist work. It should also be noted that at the onset of this movement, great emphasis was given to the sexual and gender divisions in society as seen in earlier feminist researches.

The second aspect of the divide between the private and public within society was the personal and the political element. At this point, more and more women entered into the field of feminist legal scholarship and they soon realised that there was more to feminism than mere sexual divisions. It can therefore be said that the private / public discourse was now seen through the introduction of more complex phenomenon in feminism and in feminist legal scholarships as well.

With the continual expansion of the feminist legal perspective, the political was now considered as being personal. Here, economic liberalisation began entering into neo liberalism thus leading to the recognition of globalisation and post structural feminism. All in all, it can be argued that some of the changes that society underwent publically i.e. in the economic, social and educational realms had a huge role to play in determining the way women lived their lives privately. Consequently, these shifts were reflected in some of the work which was done in feminist legal scholarships. Societys understanding of racial, ethnic, family and cultural issues have been reflected in the latter field.

This is seen by the way the personal was treated as political. Thereafter, these feminists began theorising that political nature of their society. Eventually, modernisation emerged and led to development of more complex theorising of the personal (private).

Understanding of the term essentialism and why its a problem for feminists
Essentialism refers to the belief that all human beings have an underlying essence about them. In other words, it refers to the process of resorting to physiological, biological and genetic explanations for the existence of human behaviour. One can therefore say that essentialism disregards the influences that cultural, psychological or sociological elements may have on a particular individuals behaviour. For instance, when one claims that men are more aggressive than women, then they are trying to claim that because this trait is determined by ones biology, then that behaviour cannot be changed in any manner.

Essentialism also occurs when certain sweeping statements are made without consideration of cross cultural differences that may arise out of these generalisations. For instance, if one was to say that all men are visual, then he/she would be disregarding the differences that may arise out of certain assertions that may be inherent. Besides this, there is also another way in which one can treat the issue since it can be argued that being visual incorporates the senses which largely depend on historical or geographical concepts.

When individuals within the academic sphere or in academic realms opt to use a unified concept, then they may also be perceived to be engaging in essentialism. For instance if one were to refer to a white disabled women, then they would be applying the concept of essentialism. This is because the terms women and disabled would cause problems because they lack any form of specificity. This is especially the case because women and the disabled are very heterogeneous and that no single individual has similar experiences. The latter form of essentialism is tolerated a lot more than the latter two forms.

Essentialism is indeed a problem for most feminists owing to the fact that some adherents regard it as one of the worst crime in feminism. Here they claim that women should not be subjected to this phenomenon irrespective of whether biological or social traits have been resorted to. Most of the time, many social realms have been used as the basis for essentialism but this has still brought about a lot of objection.

Essentialism is also a challenge within the field of feminism because of the fact that there are some adherents who believe that feminist essentialism does exist. These adherents claim that in almost all societies, women have been the recipients of oppression and that men have been the agents of dominance. In essence, the latter proponents assert that this occurrence brings out the fact that certain characteristics in society are constant. The very existence of this matter shows how feminist ideas sometimes contradict one another. Also, this shows disunity in the area of study.

Whether feminism will be useful in my own research/ areas of interest
A feminist perspective would definitely be an important part of my area of research owing to the fact that I have realised so many aspects of law are linked to gender based violence. In other words, there is a need for many more advocates on women issues. It is often said that a lawyer can either be two things; an agent of change or a parasite to society. It can therefore be said that sidelining female issues to the privacy of ones home is therefore failing to acknowledge the existence of these gender based problems in law and it is also failing to acknowledge the fact that change can in deed be instituted. Issues such as domestic violence have caused the country millions of dollars and there is therefore a need for lawyers to play an advocacy role to eliminate some of these issues.

Additionally, after the realisation that there are certain gaps that exist within society, then it is particularly important to look for ways in which one can address them. For instance, the issue of greater representation of the female gender in the legal profession is of particular interest and may go a long way in ensuring that most of these issues are handled adequately.

Feminist legal scholarship largely dwells on inequalities in society that have been perpetuated through the legal system. These studies have faced a number of barriers in research owing to traditional ways of thinking that treat feminine issues separately. Additionally, the delineation of subject matters in research and the researchers as well have caused discourses in the process of feminist legal scholarship.

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Building Up Your Company’s Communication Strategy

No matter what type of web conference software a company uses the core purpose remains the same. It provides flexible communications options for any type of business. Communication is vital to smooth workflow and productivity, especially in the Internet age. Such is its importance that there is an entire industry devoted to improving even the most widely used tools.

Truly Effective Communication

While the telephone is still a heavily used and no doubt effective tool, it is the Internet that is leading the change in communications. With web conference software a business can add different features to their communications structure. Typically, web meeting software offers the following components:

VoIP: The transmission of voice over the internet via telephone lines
Chat: Similar to instant messaging, users can type text and read messages in real time
Whiteboard: A feature that allows anyone involved in a web meeting to offer their own input to data being discussed
Streaming media: This involves sound and video files, and also includes live presentations

Best Practices

Today, using webinar software is regarded as a major component of the best practices strategy. The solutions available today are acknowledged to be generally easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Even small companies do not find even the best web conferencing software to be out of their reach. The downside however is that potential users are often a bit overwhelmed by:

The options available
Cost comparisons
Technical support issues

Finding and utilizing video conferencing software is not as challenging as it used to be. Whether the company simply wants to boost collaboration efforts, train staff or save money on travel, their needs will be covered.

The growing popularity of web conference software can be explained by the constant demand for better technology. Any company that wants to improve its ability to communicate with clients, staff or affiliates can easily find providers on the web.

Customer Loyalty Card Assuring Loyal Customers

In this technological driven era of cut-throat competition, there is no guarantee associated with anything. Be it a product, price or person, anything can change anytime. Thus, if you’re looking for the loyalty element, then you certainly need to take myriad loyalty tests to measure the trustworthiness and faithfulness. However, if we talk about the customer loyal now, then even this has no assurance. Today if you customer is approaching you regularly, tomorrow he/she can possibly change his/her vendor. Therefore, it’s important to retain the customers, and nowadays, by only catering to the needs of the clients in the best possible manner isn’t enough. You ought to do something unique to own their loyalty forever, at least for a longer period.

In this regard, few eminent marketing companies have emerged with the concept of -Customer Loyalty Card,- which can actually guarantee that your customers aren’t approaching any of your cotemporaries for a year at least. Now you must be wondering – how is this possible and what is this -Customer Loyalty Card-?

Truthfully, a Customer Loyalty Card is a key of retaining the customers for a substantial period of time. And within this span, if they get overwhelmed with your products and services, they’ll probably remain associated with you forever. But now, let’s clear the concept of -Customer Loyalty Card- for you.

To be precise, it’s a card distributed among your targeted group of customers, for a specific duration ( a year or two) within which they can avail special schemes, discounts, offers, deals and packages on the purchase those specific products with which some deal is associated (as per the Terms and Conditions of the Customer Loyalty Card).

Now, these special discounts and concessions aren’t for the regular buyers. These deals and schemes are only meant to delight those customers who retain the Customer Loyalty Card, issued from your end. This is the predominant objective of a Customer Loyalty Card; it assists you in retaining the customers and assures that the customer will return to your store to avail the unparalleled benefits of this Customer Loyalty Card.

Currently, the smart marketers are actually using the privilege cards as their Customer Loyalty Cards. Reason is – a privilege card is packed with myriad discounts and offers, which no other card of this category offers to the clients. This is the reason why privilege cards are so much in demand these days. And all the credit for this goes to those promoters who acknowledged the supremacy of these privilege cards.

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Communication In Relationships Is There Such A Thing As Bad Communication

Communication is good, right? Personally, I believe its next to impossible to have a healthy, rewarding relationship without it. Sure, the level of required communication depends on your level of intimacy with the person you are communicating with. But, can open communication ever be destructive, even when the communicator thinks they are providing a helpful message for the recipient? I would say it all boils down to knowing your audience. Think about what you are about to convey, and then try to predict how your recipient is going to react. Is the message sensitive or volatile enough to destroy the relationship you currently have? If so, its best to think twice. Sounds simple enough, right?

Take this story, for example. I know a woman that, for her whole life, carried resentment about how her father raised her. This story begins when she was 50 years old and her father was 72. She felt she had not been nurtured and supported as much as she needed when she was growing up. Her father was a hard-liner. We all know the type. A man made of mostly discipline and not enough encouragement, keeping his feelings to himself. Something compelled the woman to spill her guts and write her father a letter. In this letter she described how she felt about her relationship with her father. She pointed out many of the shortcomings in her life and how she felt he was the cause of them because she didnt get what she needed from him. She pointed these things out in a very polite manner; obviously assuming her father would understand and feel compassion for her. What actually happened was quite the contrary. The father was very angry after reading her letter and felt he was being attacked. What was once an acceptable relationship was now broken beyond repair. At the time the daughter wrote the letter, she thought it would benefit her to get those things off her chest and didnt take time to ponder how her father would deal with such things.

The case above could be considered bad communication as it damaged the relationship it was meant to improve. Here are some things you might want to consider before initiating a discussion with someone, especially when your message contains sensitive, blaming or potentially negative information.

1.What do you expect to accomplish with your message?
2.Try to predict how your audience will respond. Are you prepared for an unexpected outcome?
3.Is it so important for you to get your message across that its worth the risk of breaking the relationship? In some cases it may be, such as a case with a friend or spouse.
4.If you predict that your message may cause undesirable results, you may want to use a good friend or family member as a sounding board, so you can clear your head of your thoughts. Even more so, it can be very beneficial for you to write the person a letter but never deliver it. I believe this works better than spilling your guts to a third party.
5.You can ask advice from a trusted friend or family member (especially if they know the recipient of the message). However, always make the final decision on what to do. Your advisor probably has nothing to lose and may not give you proper advice in the matter.

Relationships are important in everyones life, whether with friends, family, business associates or complete strangers. For that reason, care should always be taken on how to communicate sensitive information. Can communication be a bad thing? I think it always depends on the circumstances. Sometimes you need to choose to hold back or potentially lose the relationship.

Customer Relationship Management

In the middle of distractions, so many uncertainties and complexities, it is very important to remain customer-centric for long term sustainability. A company needs to stay innovative and stay focused on their customers with their effective marketing and customer services. In today’s world a company needs customer service transformation which can be achieved by improving customer satisfaction at relationship level, by developing cost-efficient services which is beneficial at customer end as well as at enterprise’s end and by providing right answers to the right customers.

A business process faces the challenge of optimizing the customer satisfaction level. Customer Relation Management needs a constant updation of customer information to be very effective, therefore all the companies are entering into a phase where customer relationships can be improved. An organization needs to build a complete strategy for effective CRM. It needs to understand the mission and vision of the organization. They need to define customer service directions. They have to make sure that customer service is the key responsibility in a business. A CRM is very important to firms as they find ways to improve their profits through long term relationship.

Even though organizations have the right kind of people, there still can be a need to orient those people into customer relationship culture. Companies often rely only on technical or functional skills and totally neglect interpersonal skills. Therefore, to build customer relationship culture following things needs to be done:
Training in areas which are required to deliver personal services
Fortify these skills by proper training and feedback process
Measuring the performance level
Rewards for good performance in monetary form or non-monetary form
Actively seek customer feedback as well as complaints
The problems should be solved completely
One should work on proactive as well as reactive problem solving

CRM suffers when it is poorly understood, not applied properly, and incorrectly managed. A combination of human commitments, business and technological capabilities can create a superior CRM capability. The exact amount of capability can be measured by putting emphasis on customer intimacy and operational excellence. Top performing organizations have realize that they have to build their business around customers to ensure the long term success of their business. They should know who are their valuable customers and what are their needs as well as buying habits. Therefore, CRM is all about customer-centric business and not just technology based business.

Are Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, And Other Social Media Ruining Communication

Social media websites are changing the way we get online. Whether you have a MySpace page, a Facebook account, or a Twitter feed, these websites change the way we communicate. Previously shy people now share their sense of humor and, sometimes, shocking photos. Topics that might seem taboo in person are suddenly being discussed and debated in great detail. People who have not spoken in years are suddenly “friends” or “followers” and are hearing about the day-to-day details of each other’s lives. Phone call frequency seems to dwindle, since friends can keep up with each other’s lives without directly communicating.

So what does this all mean? Are we doomed to lose personal interaction? Will people make statements or be more blunt (or rude) because they can hide behind a computer keyboard? Will full sentences and proper grammar be replaced by abbreviations (like “gr8” for great) and online acronyms (including “brb” for be right back and “rofwl” for rolling on floor with laughter)? There are many people who fear that this may happen and some of these scenarios are very real possibilities.

Even though there may be some long-lasting effects from the advent of both these social media networks and technology like texting, overall the lines of communication will remain intact and grammar should survive. Most likely there will be some updates to acceptable word use, but news outlets, business professionals, works of literature, and educational material will continue to utilize proper grammar and spelling.

Also, there is only a certain level of socializing that can be done electronically. Yes, social websites allow for a further reach geographically, but true communication comes through personal interaction. It can become cumbersome to try to read (or to have to explain) the tone of a message. Changes in voice, eye contact, and body language all help improve the quality of communication.

Will technology have an effect on our way of communicating? Absolutely. Will electronic communication replace in-person interaction? Not in this lifetime.

Advantages Of Satellite Communication

Satellite communication is very important and advantageous in todays world, wherein this service is highly used during the times of natural disasters, people staying in remote areas and also for the military and defense purposes. Any other mode of communication failure can be rectified by using the satellite communication services which can be used anywhere, anytime and without any hindrances. Also, the long distance calls, usage of internet, etc are the other some of the advantages of satellite communication services.

There are many advantages of satellite communication available for different purposes, which can be seen as below:
The satellite communication is very helpful for the people staying in remote areas, as this service covers the long distance transmissions being very powerful in sending and receiving the signals. With this, the people in the remote areas can stay in touch with the people staying in the other parts of the world.
The satellite communication services are very helpful for the department of defense, where the people on the fields cannot use the wired services every time. Also, for such people, it is very important to keep their missions and secrets undisclosed due to the national security reasons. Satellite communication service fulfils this purpose as none of the calls or any other communication made through the satellite communication can be tracked by the common services. Hence, the satellite communication is a must for the defense and maintaining the security of the nation.
The satellite communication services are very much helpful during the time of natural disasters as the wired services have large chances of failing, but the satellite communication being absolutely wireless and working through the signals from the satellites above, this service can never fail. Many innocent lives can be saved knowing the status of the areas in which there is more destruction.
The satellite communication provides with the status of the weather as well. With this, if any changes in the weather or even the occurring natural disaster can be predicted, with which many people and property can be saved.
Satellite communication services include the services like voice calling, video calling, radio, television channels, internet, fax, etc. These services are very important for not just the domestic usage, but also have become very important part of the commercial activities in different companies. People can make long distance calls either at very nominal rate, or even for free in some services.
The satellite communication services are very beneficial and also much cost friendly as well. People can use the satellite communication services at very reasonable cost and for any purpose they desire.
Satellite communication services being so portable are very easy to install and user-friendly as well. With this, people can save lot of time and also, anybody can use these services anywhere they want and anytime they want.
With the satellite communication services, different technologies has emerged as well like the lcd television sets, LED television sets, etc. Thus, satellite communication services have also led to the development in the technology sector.

Thus, satellite communication services are very highly advantageous for all the sectors of the development and have been a very important part of the development of the nations widely.

Basic Details about a Patent Law Firm

Have you been to a law firm office or have sough the services of a lawyer through a law firm? All over, you may notice many law firms advertising their legal services. However, do you really know the essentials about a law firm and its different forms and structures?

In many cases, they are attempting to sell you something that is overpriced and that won’t produce you any new clients at all, let alone good clients. The attorneys I have worked with report to me that the whole Internet marketing process confuses them.

When a client speaks to you from the heart, the insight you receive will be priceless. The marketing materials for that Century City law firm had previously emphasized their track record, their versatility and their willingness to be tough. Had they failed to incorporate this client’s insight, they would have missed a precious marketing opportunity.

Legal profession is also taken to be one of the services which is included in GATS. With the liberalization and globalization policy followed in India, multinationals and foreign corporations are increasingly entering India. Why should the firm outsource legal work offshore, a practice seen by some as adventuresome and risky, instead of staying the course, doing it “the way we have always done it.”

Clearly, this law firm was not well managed, which might serve as an excuse for the managing partner’s self-serving perspective on client IP legal services. It is imperative that attorneys understand this marketplace if for no other reason your potential clients and clients are moving to the Internet and yellow page advertising is a dying marketing for law firms vehicle.

Some might contend that complaints about the billable hour model have abounded for many years, but no major changes have occurred to date, thus indicating that most clients may be all bluster and no action. The legal profession as it was practiced years before by the legal stalwarts did have a very high standard. However, today that standard of profession is nowhere to be seen or experienced.

Firms fail to recognize that what a firm is can often be measured by the decisions it makes, and they often make decisions without regard to the effect they might have on clients, even in indirect ways. In many other countries, a rule is imposed that ownership interest or management of a law firm can only be given or done by lawyers. As such, the law firms’ capital through “initial public offerings” on the stock market, like most other corporations, cannot be raised immediately.

Customer Service Role-plays, Designing A Customer Service Training Module

Using customer service role-plays in a training module is very effective both for new staff and for existing customer service staff. New staff get an opportunity to practice your typical interactions and scenarios in an environment where they can try again to perfect their approach and skills. Existing staff can move back from running on automatic, to heighten awareness and refresh their core customer service skills. They gain great benefit from sharing tips and techniques for handling problem calls or challenging callers.

It is important to structure your training module to gain maximum benefit from the customer service role-plays. Each role-play should generate potential learning points for the person playing the part of the Customer, for the other team member playing the role of your member of staff and for other members of the group who are observing. However, the learning will only take place if

1.They are all open to finding the learning points
2.They have a good de-brief at the end of the module.

Beginning the Customer Service Training Module
In any training module, introducing the activity by identifying clear objectives is critical. If you state your objectives clearly, the group will be focussed on the learning goals, and you will have a much higher percentage chance of success. In each customer service role-play, identify an area of focus for the group, perhaps the beginning of the call on one, positive confident language on another or how a particular issue is handled on another.

If you need ideas for focus areas, go on to YouTube and search for customer service role-plays. There are some very good examples there, with guidelines for different sections of call.

Identify Clear Goals for each Role-play
Introduce the scenario to the group, with details of the Customer, their emotional state, their situation and their query. Identifying clear goals for each interaction is essential to success. Ask the group what a SUCCESSFUL outcome would be for the Company, and for the Customer. It is important that the outcome goals cover both the task to be achieved on the call, the query resolved or information given, and the emotional state we want the Customer to be in at the end of the call.

Ask the group to prepare for the customer service role-play, to work through each phase of the call from the greeting to successful close. This is a talk through, where they simply tell us how they will carry out the call, what they will say at each phase and how they will say it.

Running the Customer Service Role-plays
It is often tempting to use really difficult situations or challenging Customer types for role-play practice. This is not a good place to begin, even with very experienced staff. If the group have not used role-play as a training medium before, it is important to begin with easy queries to heighten awareness to core skills and best practice.

Choose queries that the group receive frequently for the first few customer service role-plays, those that they should be able to handle really well. Ask the group to focus on both skills and the timing of the call as they move from one phase to another. Have them record the calls, and play them back. The idea on these easy calls is to analyse the good skills and techniques that are essential on any call, and to identify what could have been done better.

When your team have had a few training sessions and are using the core customer service skills and techniques effectively, you can introduce the more difficult topics or challenging customer types. Again, role-play straight through, record and play back. When playing back, stop the tape at critical points, perhaps where the call went out of control, or where the CSR saved a tricky situation. Allow the group to identify strengths and to workshop improvements.

De-briefing the Customer Service Role-play
As with any training, the learning is underlined by the de-brief. Ensure that all three groups share their experience and identify learning points
1.The Customer
2.The CSR
3.The Observers
A huge advantage of customer service role-plays is that the team member steps in to the Customers shoes and gets to see their view of the world. They feel the impact of every word and every phrase in the interaction, and this helps improve their call handling immensely. It is important that this person shares their feelings at each stage of the call.

Ensure that very clear points are identified and that these are written down. A brief discussion as to how we can apply the learning will complete your short, successful role-play training module.

Bartlett Law Firm Helps Clients With Complicated Orlando Bankruptcy Cases

The Bartlett Law Firm handles all kinds of complicated bankruptcy cases for their clients. Bankruptcy cases can be often difficult because these cover several legal issues and branch into different legal areas. At Bartlett Law Firm, both creditors and debtors can get help in Orlando bankruptcy cases. The firm is based in Orlando, Florida and offers the help of the best attorneys, with years of experience in the field.

The lawyers at The Bartlett Law Firm take each case on a personalized basis and spend the time to understand even minor points of the bankruptcy case. The lawyers from the firm file bankruptcy petitions in Orlando and throughout Florida on a weekly basis. The petitions are filed only after making sure that these conform to the requirements of the court. The lawyers from Bartlett Law Firm have experience in handling bankruptcy cases and they have worked for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and even Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Chapter 11 cases can be highly complicated. The attorneys from the firm will fight adversary proceedings in Court for their clients and even go to trial. The firm has handled complicated bankruptcy matters and resolved them to the satisfaction of their clients.

The law firm offers its services in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida at reasonable prices. When clients get services from this law firm they can be confident that they are getting the best value for their money.

Clients interested in hiring the services of this firm can get an initial consultation for free, and anyone needing a bankruptcy, business, criminal, family, or personal injury lawyer can contact the firm for an appointment. The professionals at the firm personally communicate with each client so that clients can have a comfortable and hassle free experience. The attorneys at Bartlett Law Firm are not only skilled in Orlando bankruptcy cases, but they also offer counseling in several other legal areas including: business law, criminal law, family law, and personal injury. Find out more about the complete range of services provided by The Bartlett Law Firm by browsing through OFFICES: Orlando. LICENSED: State of Florida.

Customer Complaints Are An Untapped Gold Mine For Your Company!

Customer complaints, to your surprise, really are a gold mine of untapped advertising potential.

Making an extra effort to ensure that your customer complaints are dealt with timeously will ensure that you make the best of form of free advertising. The bottom line is that whether you really want to or not you have to deal with your customer complaints if you want your company to keep running smoothly now you can deal with them knowing that there is an added bonus in it for your company!

What is that added bonus?

Well its a pretty basic idea. Gossip. We know how quickly gossip can spread via word of mouth, but these days you need to consider that with the internet at our finger tips that same gossip can spread ridiculously faster, easier and further in a shorter time frame than before.

So if you please a customer, before you know it, their entire fan base on twitter and their Facebook friends all know about how great your service was.
Instantly you have an additional thousand potential clients who have mentally been given the go ahead to spend their money with you because it is worth the effort, the rewards will be great.

You might be thinking but why would someone update their social network page status with a comment about my good service? but you arent considering how mundane some peoples updates really are how exciting the news of good service is and how much consumers want to share these kinds of experiences with each other.

Why wouldnt a customer share the experience of great service with their friends when their last status update was Just had a muffin for lunch ? Something as satisfying as good service (which is not as common as you might think) would definitely make the grade!

Just be warned that bad service will get you the same treatment. Instant negative announcement to thousands of possible customers does not ring as well as instant good feedback.

Just by dealing with your customer complaints you are opening up a door of easy, free advertising for your company.

Customer database provides valuable inputs on preparing marketing strategies

Business entities keep on formulating new marketing strategies to target the potential customers. For this, it needs to study the right vibes in the market which comes from customer database. Databases on customers provide a business setup to gain insights into how a product or services should reach its buyers. This helps the experts to make analysis of the prospects of products and services. Whether it will be an instant hit or downright rejections by the customers depends a lot on how a product is conveyed through company’s use of the marketing tools. Otherwise money spent on its marketing would reap no benefit. Therefore every business entity tries its best to get access to useful database on the customers.

User database is various types of software models that business establishments use to organize its large volume of data. It is used to store, add, edit and maintain the databases in proper inventory so that those can be retrieved as and when the need arises. Making it easily accessible through simple steps performed with the browser on internet or intranet makes it so much in demand. Business organizations’ need for useful data remains immense, and availability of databases on electronic portals has made data transfer very quick and efficient. The users look for an accurate result oriented software model that is proficient in answering every sort of queries. This can be done by getting software developed by specialist software professionals.

Database programs are projects undertaken by software programmers to develop and design software for business establishments on demand. This is done by an individual sometimes if the need is small, otherwise many software professionals work together to develop it by incorporating specifics desired by the customers. The size of a company does not matter much these days as every company has its own real time needs; and demand for custom software is always there. As it cuts the expenses on staffs and work efficiently and accurately in managing different activity profiles of a company, everybody seems to rely on the database software. The applications developed from such programs are useful for companies in managing information. It boosts company’s growth prospects.

Communication Skills You Need to Be Successful

Communication is the act of transferring knowledge and information from one place or one person to another, be it vocally, written, visually, or non-verbally. How well this information or knowledge can be transmitted and received is a measure of how good your communications skills are. Communications skills are extremely important in gaining success in any field.

Here are the communication skills you need to possess and hone:

1. Interpersonal Skills

These are skills used when engaged in face-to-face or in-person communication with one or more individuals. Your voice and other non-verbal signals, body language, facial expressions, gestures, and appearance all contribute to how effective we convey our messages and how other people receive or interpret them.

Listening is an important interpersonal communication skill, in fact we spend almost 50% of our time listening when we communicate. Listening is different from hearing, as it is hearing with understanding and interpretation.

The ability to communicate well with others is often important to solving problems that unavoidably happen both in professional and personal lives. It is also allows your message to be sent and received with much accuracy.

2. Presentation Skills

One should be able to know how to confidently stand in front of a group of people and present information clearly and effectively. Although you may use presentation skills infrequently, there will may be times in your life when you need to present information to a group of individuals, either in a formal or informal set-up.

The mere thought of presenting something or giving a talk to people could be alarming to novices; even hardened professionals can still feel butterflies in their stomach. But careful planning and practice can help to alleviate those fears and enable you to clearly and effectively present information.

3. Writing Skills

Writing skills should not be limited to journalists or professional authors, in fact all professionals should be able to write clearly and effectively. These skills can be a significant determining factor for getting a job, performing better at work, and even getting a promotion. Poor written communication will appear very unprofessional. It can also damage the author. Remember, people tend not to avail of service or purchase a product advertised in a website or flyers and brochures peppered with spelling mistakes.

Most communication skills courses are designed to enhance one’s interpersonal skills, presentation skills, and writing skills. Studies show that productivity increases when employees, staff members, and executives take comprehensive communication skills course.

Customer Service Numbers

Everytime we train we focus intently on customer service

And amazingly many times companies don’t take customer service seriously. What follows is a list of extremely pertinent customer service statistics (these are real statistics, data and information) that we hope will change your view about the importance of customer service at your office. This data was collected with years of research and intensive studies…actually…we searched the web for roughly an hour to find most of this stuff, but still, it took some intense effort :)

– It costs 4 to 5 times more to bring in a new customer, than it does to keep an existing one – Lee Resources Inc.

– 86% of people say they’ve stopped doing business with a company because of just one bad customer service experience (up from 69% in 2007) – Harris Interactive, Customer Experience Impact Report

– 60% of consumers say they will pay more for a better customer service experience – Harris Interactive, Customer Experience Impact Report

– 81% of companies that measure customer service are outperforming their competition – Peppers & Rogers Group

– Out of best-in-class companies: 91% measure customer service – Aberdeen Group [Note: this measurement could be call recording and scoring]

– A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience – White House Office of Consumer Affairs

– For every customer complaint, there are 26 others who feel the same way but remain silent – Lee Resources, Inc.

– 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with your organization again…ever – Lee Resources, Inc.

– 70% of Americans are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies they believe provided excellent customer service – American Express Global Customer Service Barometer

– 78% of consumers have ‘bailed’ somewhere in the buying process because of poor customer service – American Express Global Customer Service Barometer

– 59% of people will try a new company because they have ‘heard’ the company provides better customer service – American Express Global Customer Service Barometer

– Employees only ask for the customer’s name 21% of the time (The person has a name 100% of the time) – ContactPoint Client Research

What do all these numbers show us?

They demonstrate to us that customer service is among the most important thing you can spend money on. They show us that bad customer service has huge consequences.

Are you serving your customers well? You probably are.

Is there any room for improvement? The answer is, obviously, yes.